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LAMS 2009 Conference forum

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Rebecca Galley
3 July 2009

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Gráinne Conole
12:06pm 6 July 2009

Looking forward to catching up with people at the LAMS conference, I think there are some exciting developments and new tools being produced in the field at the moment.

Rebecca Galley
8:55am 7 July 2009

 I'm new to the OU project and I'm interested to see how the tools work together (and thinking that I really need to spend some time getting to know these and other tools better!) I have just come from lecturing in education, and many of my students worked in an FE context. I keep coming back to how a catering, construction or employability skills lecturer, teaching FE level 1 (first yr GCSE level) might be able to use these tools to improve their practice. I can really see how these tools can be used to structure a reflective process (as suggested by Simon Cross yesterday at the Pedagogic Planner Summit yesterday - my paraphrase of  what he said is  that the process of mapping teaching and learning is important in itself and that we should be wary of making the process too quick/easy ).  It is a challenge getting FE teachers to regularly and critically reflect on their practice, but the new professional formation process now requires them to regularly log CPD hours on a government database so this is a good time for supporting tools to be introduced to them.

KPIs linking retention and achievement to funding, and narrow Ofted criteria of what good/ outstanding teaching and learning is, tends to make FE colleges risk averse. I think these tools are likely to be taken up bottom up, rather than top down ie teacher will start to use them and as a result of this organisations may, or may not,  find ways of incorporating and standardising their use. In the short term this will mean more work for the teacher i.e. Session plan proformas used in schools and colleges are not flexible enough to incorporate these planning tools so a teacher will still have to complete the statutory paperwork as well as their chosen pedagogical planner, unless or until an organisation commits to using  particular tool or becomes more flexible about use of proformas. 


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