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Graphical Learning Modeller

Susanne Neumann talking at the Pedagogical Planner Summit, Open University, 6th July 2009

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Gráinne Conole
6 July 2009

Susann Neumann from the University of Vienna was talking about their graphical learning modeller tool.

Graphical learning modeller

  • Doesn’t yet have a mac version yet
  • IMS learning design specification
  • Can distinguish between learning activity or a support activity; can enter a description of the activity
  • Have a set of roles – learner is always there as a default, new role – instructor – can assign a role to an activity by drag and drop
  • Advanced functionality – Level B – IMS, can create an “add on” within the activity dialogue – text work, upload files, Q&A and viewing assessment results
  • Have a set of pre-factored teaching activities – such as blizicht, brainstorming, one-minute paper, inquiry-based discussion, reflective discussion, feedback, fishbowl, scaffolding, sandwich method, ten plus two, think-pair-share. Actually have a list of about 50 pre-defined templates.
  • The ICOPER project is interested in looking at different representation formats of these pre-defined templates
  • Can create an IMS manifest
  • THE ICOPER project are looking at producing simple representations of the core templates

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Susanne Neumann
8:24am 7 July 2009

Thanks for this great summary of my presentation, Grainne. Here is also a link to download the Graphical Learning Modeller

The GLM was developed in PROLIX and outcomes of the project will serve as input for ICOPER.

best regards,


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