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LAMS activity planner

James Dalziel talking at Pedagogical Planner Summit 6 July

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Gráinne Conole
6 July 2009

LAMS activity planner:
o    New layer above LAMS
o    Teachers found the blank canvas with a set of individual tools confusing, how can we provide them with layer support?
o    Created the pedagogical planner: can look at a set of different teaching strategies – at this level provide some simple, sort details and can then go into more detail – what is a role play, why would you use it, then have some exemplars
o    Can click on preview which launches LAMS and shows them what it actually looks like
o    Can then use this as a basis for the pedagogical structure and can edit the actual content
o    Includes contextual advice alongside the editor to help the user think about what they are doing and why
o    Can also create generic template sequences

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James Dalziel
8:54am 8 July 2009 (Edited 3:32pm 18 September 2009)

To see some walkthroughs of the LAMS Activity Planner, see

The Planner is not yet publicly available, but it is running in a beta mode, so please contact James Dalziel if you're interested to explore -


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