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Recourse Learing Design Editor

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Sheila MacNeill
7 July 2009

The Recouse Learning Design editor is IMS LD compliant and provides a preview function to allow designers see the "runnable" version of their designs. It is being developed as part of the TENCompetence project.

You can download the editor from

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Sheila MacNeill
10:22am 8 July 2009

Have succesfully imported a UoL created by GLM tool now working on visualising some of the more advanced properties.

Dai Griffiths
12:00pm 8 July 2009

We took a UOL built in Susanne's Graphical Learning Modeller, and it opened fine in ReCourse with no problems.

We then tried to upload it to CopperCore using the TENCompetence link tool. This reported errors, because the Graphical Learning Modeller puts its xml files with level B properties in a folder "internal_resources". This loads and runs ok in Grail, but is not accepted by CopperCore.  We fixed this by moving the files to the root folder of the UOL, and deleting all references to "internal_resources/" in the manifest. Then it loaded fine into CopperCore. It might be possible to change this so that the internal_resources folder is eliminated in the Graphical Learning Modeller.

When we ran the UOL the chat service did not initialise. It works ok in Grail (which works with its own .LRN services), but to get this to work in TENCompetence LD runtime you have to delete the generic chat service in the relevant environment, and replace it with a chat widget. Then it runs fine. This is not a big overhead for the author.

Spyros Papadakis
9:33pm 23 July 2009

It was a very interesting test.

What would happened if a service we have designed with Graphical Learning Modeller does not exist  to Copper Core or any other Learning Design Player?

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