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Evaluation: Cloudworks

Survey on user views about cloudworks

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Rebecca Galley
7 July 2009

We are really keen to discover your thoughts about Cloudworks. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. Follow the link below.

Thank you for your feedback!

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Gráinne Conole
22:41 on 19 October 2009 (Edited 14:24 on 15 June 2010)

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Gráinne Conole
1:34pm 8 July 2009

Thoughts/feedback on the new look and feel for cloudworks please!!

Amyas Phillips
9:41am 29 January 2010

Hello!  Now I 'get it' I love Cloudworks.  I didn't see the old design so I can't compare, but this is beautiful and clean.

Everyone wants more of things they love, so I've got some feature requests:

1. there needs to be a quick way of getting back to clouds I am interested in - adding 'my clouds' and 'clouds I'm following' to the expanding menu under my username would be ideal, IMHO

2. I want to follow clouds I create by default.  I don't think that happens at the moment, but it seems like it would be reasonable default

3. I think people would find cloudworks more useful for learning resources if there were some ranking mechanisms.  A vote-based star system for clouds would be the obvious one, but viewing statistics would be a good additional measure

4. this one is a bit vague, but it feels to me that the 'content' of clouds does not have enough status on the page, especially when it it just a few lines, like in this one!  Despite its near-top-left position it sometimes seems like the least important element on the page. 

5. it isn't completely clear (to me) how 'links' 'extra content' and 'discussion' are meant to divide up - what is supposed to go where?  what is each area intended for?  could we have some more guidance on these please? I think links is an interesting tools that might be worth developing

Thanks!  I'm only asking because I like it:)


Amyas Phillips
9:45am 29 January 2010

I've got another one!


6. for extra socialbility: a 'following this cloud'list.  The problem with this one is that you'll probably have to also introduce a preferences setting about whether or not to allow others to see what clouds you're following

Amyas Phillips
9:48am 29 January 2010

I only now noticed there is a view counter at the top of the page already!  It would be great if this could be used to help people find popular or high-ranked resources

Amyas Phillips
9:55am 29 January 2010

7. prob okay for now, but at some point there will need to be support for long discussion threads.  Maybe an age-out mechanism, modified by reader votes and/or being made'sticky' by the cloud owner? Maybe 'reply to this discussion post'.  It's a tricky one - you don't necessarily want to replicate a forum's functionality

8. multi-owner clouds.  Not urgent.

Juliette Culver
1:56pm 29 January 2010

Hi Amyas,

Glad you like the site and thanks all the ideas - really really useful. I've added the all to our list of feature requests.

Just to let you know, we've been thinking of adding some sort of voting for a while and I'm going to be working on it a week or two.



Gill Clough
4:51am 5 June 2010

At the moment, Cloudworks does not seem to support data entry from the iPad. I was exploring how well the iPad would do as a lightweight liveblogging tool as I now mostly do this in Cloudworks, and found that the comment entry screen does not trigger the virtual keypad. This problem also arises with blogger who say that it is due to Apple. I expect that it will get resolved in time.

Gráinne Conole
9:11am 5 June 2010

Thanks for that Gill - noted. We do have plans to make a mobile version of cloudworks so no doubt this will crop up as an issue.

Chris Kirkland
9:29pm 13 June 2010

I would also like to see a Clouds and Cloudscapes feature for those clouds and cloudscapes I am interested in. Parhaps call it Interesting Clouds and Interesting Cloudscapes so as not to confuse it with Clouds and Cloudscapes I have started.

Gráinne Conole
8:03am 14 June 2010 (Edited 2:28pm 15 June 2010)

Hi Chris

thanks for this. You can already do this in one of two ways. 1. You can create your own cloudscape and call it whatever you like and then add clouds you are interested in to it. It will appear on your profile page. 2. Once you have a reputation of 1 or more (gained by people favouriting clouds or cloudscapes you have created or recommending links you have posted) then you can 'favourite' things and this then appears on your profile page - this is my favourite list for example

Hope this helps!

Gráinne Conole
8:04am 14 June 2010

Chris you now have a reputation of one so can use the favouritng feature.

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