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From e-pedagogies to activity planners – how can we help teachers?

Elena de Miguel – University of Madrid talking at the LAMS09 conference, 7th July 09

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Gráinne Conole
7 July 2009

Project e-Ling

How can internet technologies influence learning and teaching processes?

  • Created a methodological environment for research: e-ling
  • Three phases demarcation, construction and validation and 8 associated stages Topic, bibliography, construction of problem, construction of analysis model, observation, anslysis, conclusion, final writing
  • Decided on a blended delivery mode: face to face 1st stage, online 2nd stage and blended for stages 3-8


4 facets to the pedagogy

  1. Contents
  2. Activities
  3. My library
  4. Communication

1.    Socioconstructivist
2.    Collaborative
3.    Content-led
4.    Problem-based
5.    Peer learning
6.    Resource-based [From Weller, 2007]

  • Used LAMS to develop some activity planners using these e-pedagogies
  • Start with a video showing them how to do a video sequence, have an activity planner for each pedagogy
  • Elena showed how she created an activity planner: “Introducing new concepts” 1. Outline of approach, 2. Contents, 3. Instructions,


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Elena de Miguel Garcia
2:34pm 7 July 2009

Thank you Gráinne for the summary. I hope next year you can do it in spanish :)

If someone is interested in seeing th eplanners or the sequences, we can arrange a username and password to get to the LAMS planners server.

I am really enjoying Cloudworks, Great tool!!!!

Gráinne Conole
2:38pm 7 July 2009

Hi Elena

glad you are finding cloudworks useful! Would love to be able to get to the stage of doing presentations in Spanish! challenging goal!!

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