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Rich services in interoperable Learning Designs: can the circle be squared?

Dai Griffiths at LAMS09

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Patrick McAndrew
7 July 2009

Dai Griffiths on the service based approach to adding tools to IMSLD. This comes out of work on TENCompetence and the aim is to work with runnable designs. Have build the Wookie widget engine to access all sorts of small tools (including now Google Wave). Egs vote widget, sudoko widget, fridge magnet poetry widget, ....

The integration into platforms (e.g. moodle, wordpress). The Learning Design solution shown was using SLeD to present the widgets (though they look a bit different) inside a Unit of Learning. Doing this opens up different ways to link then with the roles coded into the UoL.

Recourse (2.0 just released with level C support) allows these services to be associated with tasks and roles. Recourse also use a visual representaton that helps with understand the design. Visualisations are from parsed XML and should be able to support level B logic. A new player is under development (to replace SLeD) offers different views: filmstrip, pop up, and in particular support for widgets. Target date is late September.

Widget make VLE 'transparent' - functionality can come from anywhere and be transported to anywhere.

What makes it so hard to do LD/Pattern Languages? Too many uncontrolled variables. What is "quality without a name?"

Services part of the solution - give orchestration and help learners position themselves

IMSLD - not the whole system. Split solutions.

TENCompetence workshop Manchester 19/20 November.

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