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Challeges in designing courses

Discussion cloud on issues with designing effecitve and innovative courses

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Gráinne Conole
8 July 2009

What to you are some of the key challenges with designing courses in today's technologically-enhanced environment, which are:

  • pedagogically effective
  • cost effective
  • innovative
  • fit for purpose (met student needs, institutional or professional requirements, etc)?

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Carol Wagstaff
8:39am 9 July 2009

The challenges are to deliver material in an e-learning environment that students fully engage with the material i.e. read the fee-forward and feed-back and engage brain as well as computer mouse!

Deb Heighes
8:41am 9 July 2009

To make the resource worthwhile for studentsso  they want to engage with it and see it as of value.

Rebecca Galley
9:01am 9 July 2009

@Deb Heighes Yes I agree. Students are critical/ pragmatic in their attitude to resources. They won't use the resouce until they see the purpose for themselves.

Gráinne Conole
10:21am 9 July 2009

Seems to be a strong common tread here in terms of the importance of ensuring resource and tools are relevant to the students' needs - totally agree!!

Rebecca Galley
11:35am 9 July 2009

@Grainne Yes and the importance making sure we consider strategies for communicating purpose and relevance effectively to students, rather than assuming they will see the light by themselves or intrinsically through the process. I find this hard when the purpose and relevance is so obvious to me!

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