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Food: research methods

FInal Year undergraduate/postgraduate research skills

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Carol Wagstaff
9 July 2009

This course is designed to improve your practical and theoretic research skills e.g.


critically evaluate literature

understand scientific method

design an appropriately powered study

correctly use statistical techniques to analyse data

write a paper

write a grant proposal (MSc)

critically evaluate, interpret and discuss experimental results

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Alistair Grandison
9:19am 9 July 2009

do you really want them to create a grant ?? get real!

Gráinne Conole
10:20am 9 July 2009

@Alistair - but surely they could have a go at creating an outline of a grant - thinking about the criteria for a bid call, how to formulate their proposal focus etc and then perhaps getting them to peer critique each others proposals.

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