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What are the barriers for sharing ideas and designs on OERs?

following on from the discussion/questions on motivation for sharing...

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Giota Alevizou
10 July 2009

Do barriers discipline specific, sociodemographic, or relate to IT literacy? Are teachers time-pressed and shy? or competitive? Is there a distance between perceptions of effectiveness and the use of social media? just a few sub-questions to brainstorm? 

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Gráinne Conole
12:56pm 10 July 2009

Barriers is a big issue and a multi-faceted one. I think they include - lack of time, fear, uncertainty in terms of copyright and ownership, but also the issue of 'what's in it for me?' - why should I share? I think there is a lot to learn from sites like slideshare - where there is mutual benefit in sharing. I put slides up because it saves me time (rather than having to email individuals the slides) and because it is motivating to see the number of views or to get comments on the slides. Also it acts as a repository of alot of my presentations. The trick with sharing learning and teaching practice is to learn from patterns of behavious around sites like slideshare and then replicate but contextualise that to a L&T context.

Juliette Culver
3:49pm 17 July 2009

There's a paper by Masterman and Lee ('Reusing Learning Materials in English Literature') where they asked very similar questions to academic in English literature, although not specifically in an OER context. Worth a read if you haven't already.

Gráinne Conole
5:49am 18 July 2009

Great thanks Juliette

Would be nice to do a mini-review of the papers on this and try and put together a summary, this is perhaps something we could do as part of Olnet.

Giota Alevizou
8:00pm 24 July 2009

Just conducted an interview with Andy Lane today...interesting insights also regarding this came up on the context of OpenLearn. There's another couple of papers that discuss barriers within LD /VLE context. I will put up the references shortly.

Engin Kursun
12:56pm 25 August 2009

Some of themes I found from interviews that I conducted in Turkey with 10 instructors. In my study I was trying to investigate possible barriers about sharing course materials. Respondents mentoined about various barriers, but following are the most commonly stated ones...

Requring too much time
Problems with ethical issues
---Ambiguity about legal procedures
---Fear of plagiarism
Lack of technical skills
Concern about possibility of critizing materials by others
Low use of technology in classroom
Inadequate incentives from institutions
Inadequate support from administrators etc..


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