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Supporting Collaborative Exam Revision via Google talk and Examopedia wiki

0016 ALTC 2009 Manish Malik

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Rebecca Galley
21 August 2009

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Manish Malik
12:20pm 19 December 2009 (Edited 12:21pm 19 December 2009)

see link

Manish Malik
2:29pm 27 December 2009

Now an Examopedia for all students anywhere in the world.

see link.

Manish Malik
1:06pm 8 January 2010

Dear All,


I was wondering that with the current weather conditions several students will miss their revision lectures. Even staff may choose to absorb their revision lectures (usually last teaching week) to cover for this weeks loss in lectures.

Do you/your students revise for exam using past papers? Often on your own? Have answer to some questions but not all? If yes, then read on...

Over the past three years or so I have been using Examopedia with my students, an exam revision website I launched in 2007. Year on year students have like it .

As an academic using Examopedia I can find out where the students have a gap in their knowledge and provide guidance to them in specific topics. Besides I have noticed an improvement in the quality of answers.

As students you can either choose to contribute and gain feedback guidance direct from your peers/academics OR read contributions from other students.

With the adverse weather condition, it may be that your revision lecture is cancelled and perhaps you want to make use of the site.

Let me know if you have any questions before you decide to pass it on to colleagues/students you think may benefit form it. I already have the site ready to add upon requests from students and colleagues.


For more information see My Examopedia site on : 

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