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Mobile microblogging and the student experience: a study in 140 characters (or less)

0018 ALTC 2009 Joanne Badge, Alan Cann, Alex Moseley, Stuart Johnson

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21 August 2009

ALT-C 2009 Session: This Cloud has been set up to aggregate live blogs, comments, discussion and links for this session.

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  • Alan Cann, Jo Badge, Stuart Johnson, Alex Moseley, University Leicester
  • Had 10 ipod touches, bough through JISC TechDis Heat 3 Scheme
  • Biological Sciences undergrads (7) and Museum Studies postgrads (8, 21-41 years old, second term of first year course already established at university)
  • Gave each group a specific hashtag, then picked up with rss feed. used google reader to archive them
  • Asked to send 4 tweets per day over a 4 week period.
  • 'Just tell us what you are studying and where' and gave examples, but students went beyond that
  • They weren't just using ipod touches but variety of platforms. Also talked about what thinking and feeling
  • Undergrad tweets: Example of tweets and wordle of their tweets ('now' and 'going' big talk)
  • 1000 tweets in 4 weeks. Did network analysis of relationships of @replies, big diagram
  • 4 staff involved, all on twitter, told students they were there, created separate accounts
  • Peer support, not just social grooming, spike when assessment.
  • Postgraduate tweets. Already had peer support network. Wordle - 'library', 'reading', 'meeting', 'project' big. Used a lot to talk to their tutor. Lots of setting up of meetings, administration, lots of that directed at the tutor.
  •  Percentage of @ replies as total, number of tweets less (about 700 over 4 week period), most @ replies directed at the tutor, not really conversational

Juliette Culver
13:16 on 9 September 2009

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