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Findings from ‘Technology, Feedback, Action!’: the impact of technology on student engagement with feedback

0057 ALTC 2009 Stuart Hepplestone, Helen Lyons, Louise Thorpe, Graham Holden

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24 August 2009

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  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • Widescale initiative to encourage staff to use Blackboard Grade Centre to publish marks
  • Encouraging staff to use the Assignment Handler for Blackboard, allows adaptive release of marks, rather than get mark, see that they get feedback, read feedback and type reflective comment, once they've done that their mark is released
  • Third intervention - feedback wizard developed in-house. Encourages staff to provide feedback aligned alongside the assessment criteria
  • When students get feedback form, see assessment criteria, classification banding and generic feedback comment. Can also have personalised comments
  • What are the logistical and learning benefits?
  • Did a literature review - see link
  • Semi-structure interviews, 23 level 5 undergrads, 4-8 students each faculty
  • Current issues - feedback practices are not effective, staff complain doesn't work
  • Improving student engagement - disengaging mark from feedback, development of reflective skills, feedback grids link to assessment criteria, if develop electronically it is legible so students can read it
  • Comments for student: convenience (not having to wait, all in one place, wherever they want), more private (nobody looking over your shoulder or asking how you did)
  • Some students became quite tactical about what needed to do to pass the module
  • Anxiety and uncertainty when feedback will be unavailable, started checking obsessively to see if marks had come out. Also tutors making marks availabile e.g. on Friday evening before a holiday, when not available to answer question for follow-up
  • Majority (though not all) preferred typed feedback for legibility reasons
  • Proximity to original work in terms of time and location - more it meant to them the closer in time to handing in original feedback. Also being able to see original assessment next to it
  • Adaptive release of marks - quite contentious with students. They did see the benefit, but didn't like having to jump through hoops, weren't expecting it. 'I've already done the work so why can't I just have the grade with my feedback?' Wanted more explanation - didn't understand the process, not sure whose benefit it was for
  • Assigned similar values to things that their tutor did - so if tutor explained something important, got more out of it c.f. being told they just had to do it
  • Linking feedback to learning outcomes: really clearly see what had to do and thus improve, but some students hadn't seen the assessment criteria
  • Project deliverables - hoping to produce final report to HEA EvidenceNet, producing good practice guides, wiki (keeping open for next year, please share anything relevant!), guides got student on the project team

Juliette Culver
13:30 on 9 September 2009 (Edited 13:41 on 9 September 2009)

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