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Classroom Capture: A Community of Practice

0059 ALTC 2009 Jocasta Williams

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24 August 2009

ALT-C 2009 Session: This Cloud has been set up to aggregate live blogs, comments, discussion and links for this session.

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  • Jocasta Williams, Honorary Research Fellow at University of Western Australia. Disclouse: works for community management for company behind Lectopia
  • Object of study was to evaluate community of practice around lecture capture, 15 participating Australian universities
  • Previous community website with tech notes plus mailing list
  • Problems: difficult to search mailing list
  • Usage figures, stats from website/mailing list, user conference surveys, interview feedback
  • New site, system agnostic (v. important), rss feeds, extending resources (was still answering lots of individual queries)

Juliette Culver
11:14 on 8 September 2009

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