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OERs matters – vision, reality and uncertainty

0074 ALTC 2009 Amber Tomas, Li Yuan, Liam Earney, Chris Pegler, Mark Stiles, Tom Franklin

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24 August 2009

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This JISC organised workshop took the form of a role play with a cast of
Chris Pegler as Polly Pegler - an enthusiast for open educational resources.
Tom Franklin as Prof. Ogden Wisden
Mark Stiles as PVC Will Pileham-Highe
David Kernohan as Joe Zawinul civil servant representing the minister of BISCUIT (approx. Business Colleges Universities and International Trade)
Li Yuan as a Quentinna Yan Chinese secondary school teacher.

Polly(anna) opened up by describing the current openness as better than the past closed world. OER are "subversive in a good way".
William Pileham-Highe gave a more sceptical view as why should a small university get involved as need a USP! Worry about cost in terms of effort to persuade people and starting too far from the back. Need to concentrate on what we excel at - which would make them smaller.
Qentinny Yang. Describing what it is to be a loyal user of OER as a self-learner. How to make it more attractive for a self-learner? Concerns remain though - quality of course (linked to brand currently may be challenged)
Ogden Wisden - OER are not new or exciting or interesting. Economics of OER - items in Jorum - £1-2000/item £100/download. [OpenLearn $10m/5m -> $2 per user. 11K downloads/weekx100weeks = 1.1m downloads -> $10 per download. $10m/2000 items = $5000/item.] Publisher gives safety - what is the true legal position. If it is good why give it away? How to find it? Actual process - Google then email a friend then talk to a librarian.
Joe Zawinull - OER are great - raise profile, student expectation, employer expectation. Why duplicate - take best and improve. But no guarantee of funding.

Patrick McAndrew
10:02 on 9 September 2009

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Gráinne Conole
10:06am 9 September 2009

Wow - interesting format! I am trying to visualise Polly Pegler and struggling a bit here ;-)

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