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What is the meaning of personalising education?

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Irma Pianucci
24 August 2009

In the era of globalisation, education systems must keep up with the times, and governments must be involved for looking ahead into the future.  Is personalising the way to archived it?

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Personalising learning

Personalising learning is understood in different ways by managers, teachers and learners. Our analyses confirm the fractured nature of different stakeholders’ understanding of this core educational concept: while both staff and pupils may see the personalising of learning as good practice and a goal to be strived for, pupils often do not recognise staff efforts to deliver on this concept. This perceptual discontinuity can in part be explained by pupils equating personalisation with 'me time' but we also have evidence that some teachers, while accepting the personalisation agenda, are still operating a controlling model of education. However, many teachers equate personalising learning with pupil voice and choice. They also link this to the need for a curriculum that engages pupils and for many teachers this is not the National Curriculum.

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Irma Pianucci
17:07 on 13 September 2009

‘The logic of education systems should be reversed so that it is the system that conforms to the learner, rather than the learner to the system. This is the essence of personalisation.’

Irma Pianucci
13:33 on 15 September 2009

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