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Q2: Where should educational technologists be 'positioned'?

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Rebecca Galley
26 August 2009

' for TEL is provided by a wide range of units. There is a differentiation of roles within the different support units ranging from technical support to pedagogic support. Of the different types of support units post-92 institutions have larger Education Development Units with greater numbers of academically orientated support staff. Pre-92 institutions appear to propvide more support locally suggesting a more devolved provision'. (Browne et al., 2008, p. 7)

Does the literature confirm this view and what diversity is evident?

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This link is to a Symposium session at the 2004 Networked Learning conference entitled ‘Learning Technologists: split personality of community of practice’, organised by Susan Armitage from Lancaster.  The three papers in the session represented views from the researcher, the academic and the ‘learning technologist’.  Within this is a discussion about who are the learning technologists.

Martin Jenkins
09:21 on 4 September 2009

This CloudScape is going international!  I've recently receieved directly a bundle of very interesting papers and reports from Laura Czerniewicz   I enclose the details on a July 2006 REport in the references above.  (UPDATE: Also see Link below, added by Laura to access document)

Section 3.3 entitled 'Organisational Forms' is of particular interest.   Though written for a South African context, it could just as easily reflect UK HEIs, individually and collectively.  She highlights a multitude of institutional settings and job titles and structures that reflect local cultures etc.  Also the 'divide' between the roles of support, development, research and teaching along traditional academic/non-academic lines.  I was enchanted by the sentence ' ... report has touched upon the relationship at institutional level, between individuals, emerging organisational forms, roles and practices and current uncoordinated policy frameworks'.  

Tom Browne
14:37 on 30 September 2009 (Edited 14:38 on 5 January 2010)

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