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All hands on deck: CREWED for technology-enabled learning

0178 ALT-C 2009 Carol Russell

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26 August 2009

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  • Faculty of Engineering, University of New South Wales (traditional university, 4200 full-time engineering students)
  • CREWED is course design and development process for blended & distance courses
  • Two courses used as pilots, one undergrad, one postgrad
  • Used Action Research
  • CREWED is built on the Carpe Diem model, also ideas from the London Pedagogical Planner project
  • 1 day workshop, follow-up half day workshops with everybody involved in the development taking part
  • All course learning resources available for first workshop
  • Both pilots also involved using students to give feedback either between or at workshops
  • Instead of storyboarding, used representation as spreadsheet inspired by London Pedagogical Planner
  • Evaluation - observation of online activities during course and survey at end
  • Timing with academic calendar important
  • Engineering academics comfortable with the planning side, less so with educational concepts e.g. resistance to 5-stage model
  • Two more pilots underway
  • Course Design Spreadsheet template particularly useful
  • Issue of academic staff 'burnout' - negotiation of pedagogical models vs. quality of learning design

Juliette Culver
21:21 on 13 September 2009

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