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Preliminary findings from a series of staff surveys on perceptions, attitudes and practices of learning design

0219 ALTC 2009 Simon Cross, Paul Clark, Andrew Brasher

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26 August 2009

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This presentation will take place on Tuesday morning: 10.55 in Room 4.205. The session title is 'Redesigning design'

Simon Cross
13:45 on 7 September 2009 (Edited 09:41 on 3 December 2009)

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Slides from presentation

Slides from presentation

added by Rebecca Galley


Rebecca Galley
10:51am 8 September 2009

The slides contain some really interesting data about staff attitudes and practices both at the OU and across other Universities. 

Key questions from the audience were:

If the majority of teachers feel that it is harder to understand how elements of the course fit together - how can this be helped? How far can visualization of the process help teachers understand that process and purpose?

Should teachers also design the courses given that process and pedagogy has become more complex and technological? Do roles need revising? Can teachers really be expected to be expert across such a broad range of tasks and knowledge?

How can institutions support teachers through the learning design process? ie support structures, processes, roles etc

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