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Responsible Approaches to Student Generated Podcasts

0247 ALTC 2009

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27 August 2009

ALT-C 2009 Session: This Cloud has been set up to aggregate live blogs, comments, discussion and links for this session.

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  •   Graham McElearney, The University of Sheffield
  • Developed from 2006/2007 onwards
  • Staff creating podcasts - awareness training, capacity building, hiring out hosting service, very much from perspective of staff generating podcasts
  • Also been doing work on new media literacy - had been constantly asked by lecturers on academic courses to provide some sort of training, not directly relevant to studies e.g. Law students. Drivers such as employability and creativity, desire to try something different, different way of doing collaborative group work
  • Influenced by work elsewhere, PPP SIG, Chan and Lee, Cane and Cashmore, Beck and Stones
  • Would process of students creating podcasts help their own processes of knowledge creation in discipline
  • Health Science group of students, worked in pairs, 5 minute podcast on human fertility and embryology bill - quite emotive issues. Evaluation based on reflective pieces after the course
  • Also English Language group (taught by somebody else). Focus groups.  
  • Themes - expectations. If important enough for students to write about in their reflective practices, obviously mean something. Expectations: pleasantly surprised and receptive, daunting at first but looking forward to, would have approach assignment in different way, some people thought would be easy others hard (including lack of recourse to visual media). All very conscious of the need not to make a boring podcast
  • Process - found easy to do, self-concious about sound of own voice but got over quite quickly in course of two hour training session.  
  • Some pairs did research independently and used time together to discuss and share ideas - worked well. Talked about idea of having to build up trust before could disclose real feelings
  • Reviewed with each other - helped
  • Many quotes based around fact that presenting verbally aided their understanding, needed to make sure they collected enough info to talk for 5 minutes. Did more research than they would for an essay. Structure also meant interaction with other views
  •  ‘My secure and successful skills of traditional classroom learning ahve been challenged and allowed me to develop my confidence
  • Lots of reflection involved both during and after
  • Organisational issues: several felt amount of work disproportionate to assessment weighting, so some spent less time than they liked.


Juliette Culver
08:11 on 9 September 2009

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