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Wiki use versus online discussion forums in collaborative knowledge construction: a learner perspective

0260 ALTC 2009 Maria Zenios

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27 August 2009

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  • Maria Zenios, Lancaster University
  • In what ways is new knowledge being constructed in geographically dispersed communities? In TEL? How can we research this? What triggers construction of knowledge?
  • Epistemic tasks - Ohlson 1995, p51 e.g. Describing, explaining, predicting, arguing, critiquing, explicating
  • Epistemic games (Collins and Ferguson, 1993, Morrison and Collins, 1996) - sets of moves, constraints, strategies that guide the construction of knowledge. Approved methods for constructing knowledge in a culture (experimental processes, hypothesis formulation and testing, taxonomic activities). Have to be an active player - not enough to just be an observer
  • Case study - doctoral programme in e-research and TEL. Module 3 Researching TEL
  • Qualitative form of data analysis - classification tool, grounded theory
  • Categorising forum posts according to Ohlson’s taxonomy
  • Wiki - formed groups according to what interested in researching - idea of wiki as a repository (external memory, difficult place to engage in dialogue)
  • Parallel technologies - ‘skype sort of took over a bit’, ‘very energising in the sense that we started to really engage in learning’ sparked by the wikis
  •  Locus of knowledge construction outside the wiki not in the wiki - division of labour, planning and coordination
  • ‘Coming to understand’ vs. ‘Organisational memory’
  •  Comments from audience - would be interesting to analyse skype discourse to see if more informal. Students viewing posting on discussion boards as ‘publishing’, can design informal learning into the curriculum - was skype advocated? Problem with timezones for global course. Idea of the wiki as the end result. As soon as any conversation becomes subject for research no longer informal.


Juliette Culver
10:01 on 9 September 2009

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