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New Modes, New Minds - Use of CAMEL collaborative methodology to develop a multi-disciplinary community of practice around mobil

0284 ALTC 2009 David Kay, Ian Chowcat, Julia Duggleby, Dave Pickersgill

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27 August 2009

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  • ulia Duggleby, The Sheffield College, David Kay - Sero Consulting
  • Catalyst was that sheffield college going through radical capital build programme
  •  MoleNET funding over £300,000 for m-learning
  • 220 smartphones, 200 Nintendo DS, 31 head cameras, 91 digital video cameras, 50 Sony PSPs with camera etc
  • 27 curriculum areas involved
  • One of main objective to try and fertilise and cross-pollinate practices etc. 
  • MATTS - Mobile Learning a tool for transformation
  •  Objectives - to assure e-confidence across whole staff and learner community enhanced, training the next generation workforce
  • CAMEL & leadership team - engaged with project in real time and making decisions arising from project in real time 
  • Work in two key areas - graph of number of internet enabled devise used in the college - college-provided number decreases while student owned devices increased to overtake by 2012, positively encourage students to bring own devices
  •  Implications for teachers and teaching: motivators (sticks and carrots) - new build was hugely important, moving from site divided by road, spread out into new building computers, data projects into every room, wifi, moving into different environment. Also going to be much less space, people been told got to think about new ways of working
  • Another important aspect was training, peer support and training programme went very much hand in hand. Model with basics (computer use, internet use, word processing, email) , e-maturity level 1(managing the blended classroom etc.), e-maturity level 2. Mixture of methods - Moodle training, workshops, worksheets, online mentored tutorials, drop-ins. Creating ethos where people felt whole range of possibilities for learning and collaboration
  •  Pleasant surprised how keen people were to get hold of the devices. Bit worried because all so short-scale and whether they would break or get stolen. But people dead keen. But problem because process of getting things took a long time, so people a bit disappointed when turned up six months after they expected
  •  Big training job, but people much more prepared to just have a bash than I expected. Wanted this community of practice, so system of peer support. Because everybody is busy, can’t all be live events though did have some successful live events, so had Moodle to specifically support what was going on. Pleasantly surprised by participation in that. 
  • Example - article in Guardian about teenage media habits, encouraging discussion. Lots of networking going on  
  • People thinking differently about distance - lots of discussion about assessment, maybe because time of year kit arrived. Lots of discussion about how it changed assessment.  
  • Different things made people very innovative, toy box of stuff to choose from.  
  • ‘Happy learners’ - ‘As soon as the headcam appeared he welcome the fact that he didn’t have to write up evidence’ cameras used with farming and hairdressing students


Juliette Culver
10:38 on 9 September 2009

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