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Resource: Seven top tips for designs

Ideas for effective learning design

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Gráinne Conole
1 September 2009

Here are my suggested seven top tips for effective design:

  1. Learning activities and assignments mapped to learning outcomes
  2. Appropriate mix of types of tasks (assimilative, information handling, communicative, productive, experiential, simulation)
  3. Appropriate (and timely) tutor support
  4. Appropriate use (and good blend) of technologies
  5. Alignment with current subject (and professional) domain trends
  6. Promotes good pedagogy (active learning, inquiry learning, problem-based learning, constructivist approaches, reflective, dialogic)
  7. Strategic and effective design process [4 aspects: context, tools/resources, pedagogy, tasks]
  • What are your views on these?
  • How could these be used?
  • Has anyone got any other suggestions?

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Components of a learning activity

Components of a learning activity

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