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It's all about learning; the rest is technology promoting active learning

Conference, free online, 11th September 2009

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Gráinne Conole
7 September 2009

Organised by the Vitae organisation.

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1:34pm 7 September 2009

Can't agree more.

However I can also see the 'dark side' - in terms of the WWW  - yup plagiarism; stealing ideas; assessment (i.e. blogs, wikis - would be causing ourselves additional work by being too scriptive?- 'you must have 5 blogs ' etc etc,.) Should we step/impose into 'students' informal spaces? I think technology is great for allowing diverse study styles/habit to take advantage of promoting, expanding and organising our learning. I think problems can come if we don't read the 'small print' - institutional systems should have back ups of content, I think users (staff/students) should be familiar with TOC of any tech tool not supported 'in-house' so that they don't lose ' data'. So I guess what I'm saying is that technology has a responsibilty, and behind the technology is people who make decisions - but essentially as users we all have responsibilty about the risks once we step on these open platforms.

Gráinne Conole
1:37pm 7 September 2009

yes there are pros and cons always with technologies and as you say it is vital that both teachers and students are aware of this and critical evaluate use as appropriate.

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