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Personalised learning practice

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Irma Pianucci
7 September 2009

There are lot to work in this area but it´s not an easy way.

Have you any personal experience implementing a kind of personalising whith your students at the University?  How was this experience?

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Here is a site that has publish different cases of implementing  personalised, inclusive learning.


Irma Pianucci
11:42 on 7 September 2009

The Barnsley College have an experience appying "Driving learner progress and achievement with ULCC's e-ILP".

They reciently public a report that state:  "Learners are using this system well and are particularly familiar with the projected range of grades they could achieve dependant on their performance. This is acting as a positive motivational tool to encourage learners' aspirations to reach their highest potential." If you are interested on this report you cant access it in this site

Irma Pianucci
15:26 on 21 September 2009

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Gráinne Conole
11:59am 7 September 2009

Looks interesting Irma, inclusion has been an important policy driver here in the UK for a number of years now.

Irma Pianucci
12:31pm 7 September 2009

Looking cases to compare about this subject. I have found a lot of proyects implemented for schools, but not much for high education.

In this Educational level, some examples of implementation was through e-portofios. The most I found is about proyects thinking of how could be implement. I was interested in see some experience results. 

Gráinne Conole
12:34pm 7 September 2009

Hi I will tweet about it and see if anyone has any ideas/references.

Irma Pianucci
1:09pm 7 September 2009 (Edited 1:10pm 7 September 2009)

here is a video of a experience in a high scholl

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