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Do ipod/ iphone/ itouch/ ipad apps have a place in the classroom?

Using technology in the classroom

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Rebecca Galley
7 September 2009

Do iphone apps really have any pedagogical qualities or are they just fluff to make learning seem more attractive?

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Gráinne Conole
3:59pm 7 September 2009

I think the iphone is truly revolutionary. It's the first time in a log time I have felt a real wow moment with a new technology. For me its a combination of  things: easy of use, pleasant interface, variety of apps availlable, multi-functionality and of course being connected all the time. One of the most valuable apps for me (for my spanish learning) has been a complete spanish dictionary, it means I dont need to carry a separate one around. I am still looking for good quality other langugae learning apps - flashcards, vocab games, grammar tutorials - but so far not much luck. Nonetheless there is clearly a huge potential here in my view.

Malachy Mathews
1:48pm 29 September 2009

I'm teaching  a module called Studio Cad BIM to 4th year Architectural Technology students this year. This is a new course in which previous graduates of the programme can progress to a Level 8 Hons degree in Arch Tech. Since most of the students are new to BIM applications but have plenty of experience of using 2d CAD applications i am using video tutorials to get them up to speed on our chosen BIM  application. I have converted the wmf files to mp4s so students can view and listen to the tutorials on their i pod i phone at times convenient for themselves.

Dominic Newbould
3:48pm 11 November 2009

I've loaded the beta version of the OU's new Digital Microscope on an iTouch - it's a brilliant device to show people in a snappy way just how instant and effective eLearning can be...

Mariano Rico
9:29am 29 April 2010 (Edited 1:29pm 21 May 2010)

I've been using the iPhone now for about 9 months. I agree with Gráinne that is quite a piece of technology, I am not usually much impressed with new gadgets, as well as quite skeptical of the hype. However i have to say that apart from limitations such as camera resolution, lack of video (3G), or no chance of multitasking I am pretty impressed. Being able to have continuous access to everything and input into any systems from just one place is great.

To me the best advantage of iPhone is the collection of apps available. I normally look for free apps with learning potential and have gathered a list of around 80-90.

Would highlight

  • Mindmaps such as SimpleMind Xpress
  • Photography (Free Photo Filters) and video apps (even for the 3G e.g. iVidCam Free)
  • Augmented reality: acrossair

Looking forward to get the same variety for Android. Will post link to free apps collection!

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