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A teachers guide to using web 2.0 at school

SLideshare presentation by Sacha Chua

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The Cloudworks Team
8 September 2009

Slideshare presentation of using web 2.0 in schools

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Gráinne Conole
9:06am 8 September 2009

I like the style of this presentation - quirky but fun.

Ida Brandão
3:34pm 2 September 2011

It's amazing the amount of new free tools to collaborate and share information that pop up everyday. 

One of my favourite repositories  is Many of the tools I use were tried out from this repository.

Other more recent toolslike (beta version) or the collaborative platform Enter The Group were referred in newsleters I subscribe, such as Edutopia. So there's no lack of interesting and user friendly tools for teachers and students. Learning can be much more creative and exciting with these tools and it takes 5 min to watch the video-demos and start using them.


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