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Networked learning for teacher professional development

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maarten de laat
9 September 2009

At the Ruud de Moor Centrum at the Dutch Open University we are researching and facilitating social networks to stimulate teacher professional development.

We have number of tools and instruments to support various stages in the development of these networks and we are very interested to hear if there are more out there that we could explore and implement. So please join in :-)

Tools we have to offer are:

1 network scan - a questionnaire to map out the feasibility of networked learning in or between school organisations (space for informal learning in the organisation), learning among colleagues and learning in networks. The outcomes is a sort of indication to what extend teachers in their schools feel the space or are actually learning socially.

2 network mirror - a intervention tool for visualising existing informal networks on particular topics, (based on social network analysis (SNA) combined with group thinking discussion software aimed at building a social learning direction or agenda. This method is aimed at holding latent networks a mirror to stimulate there performance or sense of belonging

3 The Brain - a network tool aimed at establishing teacher networks based on what they can offer their colleagues in terms of learning products and services

4 Community barometer - a barometer to provide frequent feedback on how a community is doing on the dimensions of community, domain and practice

5 Evaluation questionnaire to find out to what extent certain interventions has lead to increased professional development / growth of teacher networks

6 Qualitative methods for developing value creation stories in teacher networks

Each year we are running several projects together with schools during which we test and develop further tools and research instruments on this topic.

Contact details: maarten de laat.

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LeRoy Hill
4:58pm 18 February 2010

Hi Maarten:


Interesting tools.  Are these tools available for use by other researchers? 

I have a network and I would like to analyse the activity within the network (links, community...)

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