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Activity: 40mins: Visualisation activity

Activity provides an opportunity to visualise a simple learning design and explore the benefits and challenges of visualisation

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Rebecca Galley
16 September 2009

Visualisation of activity design

Learning outcomes:

  • Visualise a simple online or blended learning design
  • Share a learning design with others
  • Identify the benefits and challenges of visualisation
  • Identify and share potential uses for visualisation in learning and teaching

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Paul Clark
4:37am 16 October 2009



 I think that it would take more explanation, for someone unfamiliar with CompendiumLD, to recognise the function of the CLD diagram as an usupported guide to student activity. 

Rebecca Galley
8:17am 16 October 2009

I agree. It especially doesn't provide an outline of context, location in module or curriculum, prior knowledge, expectations/ responsibilities - not that text would necessarily but these are important factors in terms of promoting learning.

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