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Activity: 15 mins Discussion/ thought activity OER issues and vision

Questions to encourage thinking around the purpose, vision and challenges of OER

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Rebecca Galley
18 September 2009


"the open provision of educational resources, enabled by information and communicatiion technologies, for consultation, use and adaptation by a community of users for non-commercial purposes" UNESCO 2002

A broader definition of OER:

Learning resources

Courseware, content modules, learning objects, learner support & assessment tools, online learning communities

Resources to support teachers

Tools for teachers and support materials to enable them to create, adapt and use OER; training materials for teachers

Resources to assure quality of education and educational practices (UNESCO 2004) 



Despite  improvements in the range and quality of OER resourses, there is still a lack of take-up. This discussion will focus on the issues about why this might be the case.

This discussion can happen in face to face groups or here on Cloudworks...or both!

1. What do you think is needed to encourage uptake and reuse of OERs?

2. What types of resources would be useful from your point of view?

3. What are your views on this approach to developing learning and teaching resources and designs?


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