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Webquests for best use of internet search-time

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17 June 2008

“Surfing”, browsing or exploring the internet can feel unsatisfying and be of doubtful educational value if it is unfocused and has no clear end point. Davinia Hernández Leo and colleagues recommend the use of “webquests”: structured internet search activities, for which the instructions typically comprise (1) an introduction establishing the context for the activity explaining its purpose, (2) a task that is both achievable and interesting, (3) a description of the expected process, for example including weblinks to possible information sources and guidance, (4) an outline of evaluation criteria, and (5) a conclusion to bring closure to the activity. For their discussion, including links to the WebQuest site, follow the link and go to pp. 95-98, ‘Best use of learners’ time when searching information in the WWW: Webquests’. TELL Pattern Book

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