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What's your blogging story?

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Gráinne Conole
18 September 2009

Prompted my a tweet by @suewaters, I've set up this cloud to aggregate stories about how people got into blogging. Have added Sue's blog post as a link.

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Juliette Culver
12:39pm 18 September 2009 (Edited 12:43pm 18 September 2009)

For me, I've got a grey area as to what counts as blogging and what doesn't as I had a personal 'blog' long before I had a public one. But the former doesn't feel that it counts to me.

I'd been reading blogs for probably about a year before I started bloggin gproperly and was finding I was starting to write comments that really ought to be blog posts in their own right. I think I also wanted a way to record thoughts for myself (I always have an image of my audience as being a version of me a few years younger!) as well as to share things that weren't substantial enough to be worth publishing more formally somewhere but that I still wanted to share somehow. 

Gráinne Conole
1:37pm 18 September 2009

Yes i thiink the boundaries are increasingly blurring, also what constitutes an individual contribution and part of the collective voice.

Juliette Culver
1:44pm 18 September 2009

Though interestingly for me, the boundaries were blurred most right at the start and rather than becoming increasingly blurred have perhaps become less so as a result of having less distinction between my personal and work life than I used to.

pamela ryan
2:44pm 28 September 2009

I've been thinking a lot about the curious space of the blog which is exceptionally pubic yet immensely private at the same time. I started blogging after I followed my son's blog through his journey across the continent of South America and marvelled at his tenacity at writing long blogs for friends and family often at far out places and struggling with internet access. After that I started a blog which captured what I had been reading and other thoughts and since no-one read it, it has become my diary space.


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