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Activity: 60 minutes Stalls/ LD network activity

Information gathering and network developing activity

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Rebecca Galley
18 September 2009


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The Activity

This activity can be completed at a distance or as part of a workshop but it requires participants to work in teams of practice. If  doing this activity at a distance then start by identifying the key people/places who can supply  the information or support needed when designing and developing your blended or e-learning curriculum.

The subject specialists (or 'stalls') will vary depending on your context.

Learning outcomes:

  • Develops Learning Design networks
  • Develops individual knowledge in an aspect of learning design/ e-pedagogy
  • Broadens teams' knowledge base in aspects of learning design/e-pedagogy

This activity has a jigsaw pedagogical pattern.

Rebecca Galley
15:29 on 18 September 2009 (Edited 15:30 on 18 September 2009)

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