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What technologies are useful in postgraduate supervision?

What technologies do you use or would like to use in supervising your postgraduate students?

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Helen Farley
19 September 2009

This cloud enables us to share which technologies we have found most useful in postgraduate supervision. This is also the place to reflect upon which technologies you would like to use.

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pamela ryan
5:18pm 27 September 2009

OK, email is an obvious technology and commenting on chapters using 'track changes'. This is for one on one supervision. If one wanted to add social networking for students doing postgraduate studies, blogs and twitter would be useful.

Helen Farley
7:45am 13 October 2009

Email is good. I find it helpful for students to email a summary of a supervisory meeting as they saw it to make sure we're both on the same page. I can then correct or add anything I think of. It keeps us both on task!

Track changes is also helpful. I'm just reviewing some software called 'emarking assistant' which enables you to add audio comments to a document.

Manish Malik
1:36pm 8 January 2010

Just the thing for your Cloud - all things that I found useful for UG/PG supervision and I have published this in a journal paper, see

pamela ryan
7:37am 29 January 2010

Manish, I like this very much. At Unisa (University of South Africa) we are in the process of "converting" one Honours or Master's module per College (there are 5) to fully online modules for teaching and delivery. There are ideas here that we can definitely make use of.

Thanks for the link.

Manish Malik
11:41am 29 January 2010

Hi Pamela,

I am glad you liked the work. Feel free to email me if feel that something needs more clarification or exchange ideas :)

I am on




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