The Open Scholar

In a developing world of open educational content and open communities of learners, what is the role of the 'open scholar'?

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Terry Wassall
21 September 2009

After listening to Graham Attwell's views (particularly at the FALT2009 Postdigital session in the Lass O'Gowrie) on how we should/could use Web 2.0 platforms and applications to extend education beyond the formal educational institutions and Terry Anderson's keynote presentation at the ALT-C 2009 conference in Manchester this year where he discussed the notion of the 'open scholar', this cloud has been created to collect together ideas and resources that can help define the role of the open scholar and how this can be translated into practical activity and engagement with 'open learners'.

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Professor Martin Hall, VC Salford, giving keynote at ECE Salford, 

"Killing off Mickey Mouse: Open Knowledge, Open Innovation"


Frances Bell
10:09 on 21 September 2009

Terry Anderson's charactoristics of the Open Scholar - summary

  • Open Scholars Create
  • Open Scholars Use and Contribute Open Educational Resources
  • Open Scholars Self Archive
  • Open Scholars Apply their research
  • Open Scholars do Open Research
  • Open Scholars Filter and Share With Others
  • Open Scholars support emerging Open Learning alternatives
  • Open Scholars Publish in Open Access Journals
  • Open Scholars Create Open Access Books
  • Open Scholars comment openly on the works of others
  • Open Scholars Build Networks
  • Open Scholars Lobby for Copyright Reform
  • Open Scholars Assign Open Textbooks
  • Open Scholars Induce Open Students
  • Open Scholars support Open Students
  • Open Scholars Teach Open Courses
  • Open Scholars Research Openness
  • Open Scholars are Change Agents
  • Open Scholars Battle with Time
  • Open Scholars are Involved in the Future

Terry Wassall
10:12 on 21 September 2009 (Edited 12:07 on 21 September 2009)

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