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Tool: DialogPlus Toolkit

Learning Design Toolkit

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Gráinne Conole
21 September 2009

This tool was built as part of the JISC/NSF funded DialogPlus project. It provides guidance on creating learning activities, contains in-situ help and is based on a underlying learning activity taxonomy.

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Daniel K. Schneider
4:59pm 20 May 2010

There is probably a wide agreement that this kind of tool doesn't fit the "messy" way teachers design.

However, if there is some funding to be found to create an easier to use interface (e.g. use a mind map metatphor), I suggest that DialogPlus could be used as a valuable teacher training tool. In teacher training (which can last long years in some countries) there could be time and reason to go through such a structured top-down procedure.

Now my little question: Is DialogPlus a "living dead" service or are there some plans for a smaller but brigher future ? Hey, you even just might create an online clickable version of the taxonomy mind maps :)

Gráinne Conole
5:50am 21 May 2010

Thanks Daniel

We learnt alot throught the development of DialogPlus and the most important lesson was as your perceptively point out - design is messy, iterative and creative. Since then I have shifted my thinking to a much broader view - a pick and mix of tools and resources to meet different needs and preferences. Visualusation has become central to my thinking both in terms of how adapted mindmapping tools like the CompendiumLD tool we have created can be used, but also conceptual 'views' to help thinking aboiut design from differnt perspectives. In my mind is the idea to somehow put this all together to create a visually based tool also salvaging what we can from the DialogPlus tool. Some hopefully a future just not 100% sure what yet!

Gráinne Conole
5:51am 21 May 2010

I should add the development of cloudworks was part of this broader spectrum of more recent work, i.e. the imprtance of dialogic engage in terms of thinking about, discussin and sharing learning and teaching ideas and designs but cloudworks like any child has become a bit of a runnary teenager - in the nicest possible way of course! ;-)

Daniel K. Schneider
12:10pm 21 May 2010

Thanx Graínne, that answers:)

Hope, you don't mind that I made a copy of your taxonomy from the appendix of your 2010 report for disscussion. Really like it :)


Gráinne Conole
1:15pm 21 May 2010

No delighted please use! I'd welcome feedback on what you think of it.


Daniel K. Schneider
4:43pm 27 May 2010

I take it as a problem (can't answer). My learning path goes like this: I added "toilet learning" as environment (summarized: create a poster and look at it for a few weeks).

In practical terms, it meant throwing in some ingredients from your prior work + some salt and pepper and figuring out how to generate such a poster with a visualization algorithm. I am not happy yet with the results....

I put my first attemps on line here:

For the techies out there: The wiki page includes source code for graphviz, so you can play yourself.

- Daniel :)

Doug Holton
2:44am 29 May 2010

Keep up the great work - would be nice like you said to put it on a poster, and/or have an online hyperlinked version (linking to your wiki pages and elsewhere)

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