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Keren Mills
22 September 2009

Please add to the below if you have had personal experience of using eBook readers - please indicate the format and eBook Reader you've used.

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A selection of eBook Readers are available in the Digilab - the Sony eReader, the Cybook Gen 3, the BeBook and the Irex Illiad.

Keren Mills
09:02 on 22 September 2009

I've found the YouTube video I was looking for in our session yesterday. Heads-up courtesy of TeleRead, it's a French (but subtitled) video on the 'possible or probable' future of reading. It seems to me that some of the themes are very similar to that generally for mobile tech, but also some convergence with a thinner, more portable ultra-mobile PC/netbook perhaps.


Possible ou Probable?

Rhodri Thomas
09:02 on 24 September 2009 (Edited 09:09 on 24 September 2009)

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Rhodri Thomas
10:17am 22 September 2009

Is the Kindle coming to the UK - do we care? do we believe the hype? Have you head the keyboard/size/annotations debates? The last I saw on availability was a little while ago so not sure if others have seen more? It at least might be a good forward step to release the iPhone app outside the US that doesn't rely on the technical 'Whispernet' over-the-air updates...

Personally, I've been a bit annoyed by the buying up of eBook/apps companies of late (e.g. Mobipocket, Stanza by Amazon) that may be improving the hardware at the cost of innovations in multiplatform software. In other areas perhaps the purchase of eReader by Barnes&Noble is a bit better, but then you seem to have many online repositories/accounts for similar content (incl. eReader and Fictionwise's own stores)...?

Gráinne Conole
3:23pm 22 September 2009

Keren do you count things like the iphone - which arent strictly ebook readers but have some similarities?

Keren Mills
3:30pm 22 September 2009

Yes, those are  certainly useful, but are well covered by yours and Rhodri's clouds on Ebooks & Reading on Mobile Phones and on Ebook Reader applications.

It'll be interesting to see in which contexts people   use multi-function devices like iPhones vs dedicated ebook readers.

Gráinne Conole
3:39pm 22 September 2009

Ok thanks Keren - good question re: contexts. One of the things that has really wowed me about the iphone is that it is such a diverse tool - with stanza I have access to loads of books, i have a complete spanish dictionary etc etc. I am finding that my iphone + laptop are all I need now. Wonder what other people's views are?

Liz Mallett
10:25am 23 September 2009

Grainne, I am conducting a small scale library ebook reader pilot , due to finish in November. We are piloting the use of iPod Touches and Sony eReaders, and are finding some interesting results when comparing the two. I will post more details when we have them.

Gráinne Conole
11:03am 23 September 2009

Sounds really interesting Liz will be great to hear your findings. I think the look and feel and the apps for the iphone are transformative and have amazing potentially educationally. I wish I had all my spanish learning materials, flash cards etc available on there. Fernando (the course chair for L140) showed me a prototype they are working on - very exciting!

Liz Mallett
11:06am 23 September 2009

Yes, the potential for language learning is enormous. I'll look forward to seeing the L140 prototype!

Gráinne Conole
11:16am 23 September 2009

Me too - think i need to spend the next year consolidating L140 - at the mo feel like my learning is going backwards not forwards!!!

Gráinne Conole
10:40am 24 September 2009

Apols re: the two column format and videos - will be changing this very soon in the next few weeks.

4:18am 1 May 2010

I found good collection of Links of E reader gadgets on your site. Thanks for posting.

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