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Apprentice ships - what are they and how do Functional Skills fit in?

A discussion from which we hope to distil an understanding of Apprenticeships and skills delivery strategies

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John Pallister
24 September 2009

I thought that I understood Apprenticeships until I set out check some information using a range of different sources. I got a little confused and sought the advice of Twitter. Twitter had been invaluable to in the past when I had wanted to check ideas/thinking/ sourcing etc. Twitter gave me nothing on Apprenticeships.


I Drafted a presentatio and posted it to SlidesShare (LINKED Below). I wonder if Cloudworks can help?

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A Draft Presentation to promote discussion

The Presentation will be redrafted based on any feedback/suggestions provided

John Pallister
11:01 on 24 September 2009 (Edited 08:46 on 3 November 2009)

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Gráinne Conole
11:01am 24 September 2009

Hi John

looks interesting - but cant see the link to slideshare?


Rebecca Galley
11:17am 24 September 2009 (Edited 11:18am 24 September 2009)

What are the key questions you were hoping to get answers to? Are you looking for a straight forward explaination, or some discussion around how effectively the Functional Skills programme will prepare young people, or indeed the pedagogical implications of cross curricular/ embedded Functional Skills?! I've added a link to an interesting NRDC report "You wouldn't expect a maths teacher to teach plastering..."

John Pallister
11:30am 24 September 2009

Hi Rebecca - I would hope that the community could help to develop an up to date picture that shows how Apprencticeship fit into the learning landsacpe and then explore some of the pedagogical issue/implcations of  Functional Skills.

Rebecca Galley
3:32pm 24 September 2009

Yes, my understanding is that an apprenticeship is not a qualification in its own right, but a combination of an NVQ, technical certificate and Functional skills qualification but the Ofqual description doesn't really say that...I agree there is very little information or discussion out there, and what there is contradicts. Partly this is as a result of out of date government documentation and reports (some which aren't dated - which is seriously irritating) still floating about the net!

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