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Home group 6: The namibian nucleus

Cambridge International Conference on Open and Distance Learning, 25/9/09

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Gráinne Conole
25 September 2009


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Dominic Newbould
6:52pm 25 September 2009

This is my highly personalised, willful and idiosyncratic account of the Group 6 discussions.

Thanks to Oto, George and Saratu for their helpful notes and pointers but, of course, the responsibility for the presentation is entirely mine.

I hope you will contribute to this Cloud and keep the debate going until we find some evidence, some answers and some solutions!

Dominic Newbould
4:21pm 27 September 2009

Got back from the Cambridge Conference and straight into our new VC's talk.

One of the issues he covered was OERs. This is some of what he said:

OpenLearn launched in 2006, 5.9 million people have accessed it, 50% outside UK. YouTube 1.6 million views, 80% outside UK. iTunes U, June 08, 6.6 million downloads, 87% outside the UK...

This is evidence of fantastic take-up of the opportunities offered by OERs. People are watching, they are looking and they are using these resources.

Gráinne Conole
4:33pm 27 September 2009

It was an inspiring talk and amazing how well it followed on from the themes at the conference. I live blogged the session - have added a link to this above.

pamela ryan
5:12pm 27 September 2009

Wish I could experience the live blog but don't have access to the OU website.

Am impressed by the ideas summarised though.

Gráinne Conole
5:21pm 27 September 2009

Hi Pam if you follow the link you can get my text summary of his talk, even though you cant watch the actual presentation (which is a shame, dunno why the OU restricts these things).  Here is the link to the cloud again Also he gave a similar talk at the alt-c conference a few weeks ago and that is available to all - cloud on that at

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