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Careers Innovation Group Meeting 24/09/09

Points for Review at Next Meeting

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Dr Deirdre Hughes
29 September 2009

Update on LLUK 'Career Guidance Qualifications Framework' to assess progress made to date - Deirdre to contact Pat Pugh at LLUK to discuss innovation element required within the evolving new framework.

Link to 'Vitae' - Sheri from CRAC to upload the appropriate weblink  and other related impact studies as discussed in our meeting. Also, look out for more information on 'ICOULD' which contains over 1,000 career stories; it's planned to promote these in new multi-media contexts - watch this space!

Career Adaptability International Research Group - Prof. Jenny Bimrose is the UK lead person overseeing this innovative development. Noted: There is scope for organisations to pilot a 'first draft' instrument for measuring individuals'career adaptability. Contact Jenny at IER if you want to find out more.

Exciting ERASMUS project involving 28 member states and 40 European Partners, mainly from Higher Education Institutions, with a strong focus on the training of guidance practitioners. Contact Rachel at UEL if you want to find out more. Also, some fun and education developments taking place at UEL with students and staff using the 'Secondlife' virtual learning environment.

Plans underway to submit an ESRC bid, led by IER, Warwick University and Loughborough University. The Careers Innovation Group members are invited to participate in helping to inform and shape this potentially exciting outline proposal. Contact Jenny for more information.

ACEG is getting involved in forging closer working links with the Institute of Education Business Excellence to influence new curriculum and CE/IAG developments. They also have recently appointed a new Editor to work on the ACEG Careers Journal (Chris Thomas). Look out for details of next year's ACEG Annual Conference to be held on 7/7/10 in Bristol. This year's annual conference was a great success! Also, we understand that the DCSF funded 'Careers Co-ordinators in England' Research Report is due to be published towards the end of September.

Connexions Derbyshire are keen to work with colleagues on initiatives linked to NEET at 18-19, particularly innovative work with young males. In addition, new and innovative approaches are being adopted by staff working in Schools/Colleges and community-based settings. They are also analysing careers service user perspectives particualrly 18-21 year olds.

The International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) is developing new materials for nurturing and supporting 'practitioner researchers' . The 11th iCeGS Annual Lecture is scheduled on 10th December at Derby University, Kedleston Road Site. Barry Hopson is the keynote speaker which should provide some lively interactions with the audience. Siobhan has some great information on newly published LSIS materials 'Career Learning for the 21st Century'. Look out - she's kindly offered to upload this onto our website.

AGCAS is continuing to develop its 'Practitioners Forum' to help raise the voice of professional staff and to profile good and interesting policies and practices.

South West Careers Ltd. are in the process of planning a vibrant STEM Conference.

Dr Bill Law is currently working with iCeGS on a 'storyboarding' initiative designed to explore 'turning points' in individuals' lives. Different scenarios can be played out to test out the 'what if.....' questions. Look out for 'Bill Law Storyboarding' on the iCeGS website sometime soon.

Dr Deirdre Hughes is planning to launch a 'National Campaign for Careers' in her new role as incoming 'President of ICG' on 5th & 6th November at the Hilton Hotel, Blackpool. She will be announcing an exciting new programme of 2010 events, a festival week to celebrate the history of careers work and its achievements across the UK (likely to be held in May 2010) and 'high fives', 'key facts: evidence and impact' and 'interpretations of work in the 21st century'. If you or your organisation wants to join in this exciting Campaign, simply contact:

Also look out for 'NEET SPEAKS' ethnographic research study, led by Deirdre working closely with Geoff Bright, Sarah Davies and Prof. David Davies, on 'Voices of NEET Young People in Doncaster'. Plans are underway to publish the rich text findings in an academic journal and professional journal so that lessons can be learnt from this experience.

Finally, the MATURE Programme, led in the UK by Professor Jenny Bimrose and Professor Alan Brown at IER, Warwick University, is researching knowledge maturation  and organisational agility in differing contexts. Careers Innovation Group members plan to offer peer review and comments on the findings as they unfold. Here's a flavour of thematic areas currently being developed: Careers Practitioners use of ICT and LMI; CPD-related issues (people tagging - systems and processes in organisations); working with clients at a distance; using mobile telephones and links to career guidance policies and practices.......and there's more to come!







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