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Cambridge International Conference on Open and Distance Learning

A cloud to keep participants in touch with each other

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Roger Mills
30 September 2009

We hope that this cloud will help in the formation of an international network of those colleagues who have attended the Cambridge International Conference on Open and Distance Learning over the past 25 years.

We will encourage colleagues to use the cloud to keep each other in touch with developments and we will post information of interest including links to the Cambridge Conference Papers and discussions

We estimate that over 1000 people have attended the conference over the years and hope that many of them can tell us what they are doing now and what the key issues they are facing in their professional areas.

Anne Gaskell

Roger Mills

Alan Tait


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The next Cambridge International Conference on Open and Distance Learning will be held at Madingley Hall, Cambridge  from 25-28 September 2011


The provisional theme  is "Globalisation, social justice and the role of distance and elearning".



Roger Mills
14:44 on 30 September 2009 (Edited 10:28 on 4 January 2010)


Best paper Award

Congratulations to  Geetha Udayangan Kulasekara from the Open University of Sri Lanka and her colleagues, Buddhini Gayathri Jayatilleke and Uma Coomaraswamy for winning the best paper award with their paper

'Learner Perceptions on instructional design of multimedia in learning abstract concepts in science at a distance'

Roger Mills
14:49 on 30 September 2009

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Roger Mills
10:17am 30 September 2009 (Edited 4:16pm 1 October 2009)


Home Group 2 – Summary: Luke Strongman (Secretary)

Key Note Speaker 1: Professor Mitra – Street interface peer learning in India

  • More ethnographic research needed in the psychology of peer group pressure in Open and Distance Learning
  • The relationship between prescriptive and autonomous education should be examined
  • The move away from teacher-centred to learner-centred teaching needs to be problematised


Key Note Speaker 2: Professor Paulsen – Student Profiles

  • Transparency/Privacy issue in student profiles
  • Management issues – reliability/quality/time-frame with assignments (autocratic or flexible working environment).
  • Cultural component to databases


Key Note Speaker 3: Professor Conole - Cloudworks

  • Scaleability – does the number of student participants effect ‘Cloudworks’ – is there a communication threshold or are there single groups talking to themselves?
  • Does social networking and curricular design knowledge help make academic more practical or is it peripheral to core activity?
  • What makes for successful innovation?


Key Note Speaker 4: Susan D’Antoni, UNESCO - Open Course software

  • What are the potential uses for students and academics, who does it support? Students or teachers?
  • Places emphasis on management of knowledge – revises relationship of student to the learning community
  • How does it effect the role of the TEO visa ve teaching or credentialing
  • How does it benefit developing countries

Gráinne Conole
6:46am 2 October 2009

Great thanks Roger, I've got some more frm Craig from our group which I will add later.

Gráinne Conole
7:32am 3 October 2009

Hi Roger have posted your summary from Group 2 as a cloud in the conference cloudscape

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