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Q1: Is there evidence of productive and creative use of web 2.0 in HE?

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Giota Alevizou
1 October 2009

I guess the evidence is scattered in several national projects and depends on scope (teaching, research, scholarship), pedagogical drive, embedded purposes and situated practices. Any thoughts? what's your experience been as a tutor, student, researcher?

Are OERs a great case for effective use of Web 2.0 in educational contexts? What are the differences among instituional (i.e. those coming from 'traditional universities') and more 'alternative' OERs? (say Wikiversity, P2PU ?)

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Giota Alevizou
4:44pm 8 December 2009 (Edited 10:01pm 8 December 2009)

Several studies have revealed that inscribed and actual benefits of social software such as peer learning, performative and public learning, creativity and shared enquiry are often coupled with challenges such as distrust on open collaboration, resistance about sharing artifacts and reluctance to blur the boundaries between formal and informal learning and social networking spaces.

Reasons for success may include well thought and embedded integration of web 2.0 tools in course contexts and outcomes, students cultures, institutional strategic support and initiative from students and tutors…but different sets of learning styles and spaces are sometimes clashing within different sets of social software. Any thoughts or experiences to share?

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