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Home group 2

Summary of discussions on the keynotes at the Cambridge Int. Conf. on Open and Distance Learning

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Gráinne Conole
3 October 2009

From Roger Mills:

Home Group 2 – Summary: Luke Strongman (Secretary)

Key Note Speaker 1: Professor Mitra – Street interface peer learning in India

  • More ethnographic research needed in the psychology of peer group pressure in Open and Distance Learning
  • The relationship between prescriptive and autonomous education should be examined
  • The move away from teacher-centred to learner-centred teaching needs to be problematised

Key Note Speaker 2: Professor Paulsen – Student Profiles

  • Transparency/Privacy issue in student profiles
  • Management issues – reliability/quality/time-frame with assignments (autocratic or flexible working environment).
  • Cultural component to databases

Key Note Speaker 3: Professor Conole - Cloudworks

  • Scaleability – does the number of student participants effect ‘Cloudworks’ – is there a communication threshold or are there single groups talking to themselves?
  • Does social networking and curricular design knowledge help make academic more practical or is it peripheral to core activity?
  • What makes for successful innovation?

Key Note Speaker 4: Susan D’Antoni, UNESCO - Open Course software

  • What are the potential uses for students and academics, who does it support? Students or teachers?
  • Places emphasis on management of knowledge – revises relationship of student to the learning community
  • How does it effect the role of the TEO visa ve teaching or credentialing
  • How does it benefit developing countries

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