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Computer-marked assessment (accounting)

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17 June 2008

When students need to master a large body of knowledge quickly, computer-marked assessment can give them regular, rapid feedback.

Students of accounting, like many professional disciplines, have to acquire a large body of technical knowledge very quickly and thoroughly. Computer-marked assessment is widely regarded, in both the accounting profession and HE, as the most effective way for students of this subject to obtain regular, quick feedback on their learning.

This course has six interactive computer marked assignments (iCMAs) during the 13 months course: two in each of the three units or blocks. Each iCMA has 100 objective questions, with answers being multiple choice or simple text entry (eg filling in gaps). These iCMAs are formative assessment – for students to identify their own strengths and weaknesses and to allocate time in classroom teaching; summative assessment is by separate assignments and exams. [Jonathan Winship]

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