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Edmodo (billed as Twitter for education)

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Rebecca Galley
5 October 2009

"One of the nice features is that students don’t even need an email address to join the classroom. All they need is the special sign-up code that the teacher generates when they create the environment. If a student has already joined another class on Edmodo then they can just log in as usual with their new class assigned to their login".

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Stdent Edmodo review

Stdent Edmodo review

added by Rebecca Galley


Chris Fry
8:15pm 18 November 2009

I had watched this already a few months ago when I was thinking about whether to use Edmodo or Ning with my adult EFL classes. What struck me now watching it again after having used Edmodo for 6 weeks with my two classes is the emphasis the students in the video gave to homework (assignments in Edmodo).

As a teacher, I find Edmodo very useful for leaving a reminder of what the homework is, whether it has been done and what the student's grade is. It is fairly time-consuming but it means you can provide a much more professional service to your students.

However, I also use it to send my students links, files and even photos and sometimes individual messages (Notes in Edmodo). I get very little feedback on what I send so it is difficult to know whether it is worth doing. Fortunately, some of this content comes in via RSS feeds, which reduces the amount of work, but inevitably I need to add in related links to the scripts to audio and video podcasts.

The students in the video spoke a lot about the advantages of being able to send in their homework rather than having to print it off and bring it in to class. I actually get them to print off their compositions double-spaced as I've found it takes me much less time to correct scripts the traditional way. However, after getting their corrected scripts back they have to re-present their written work and this I ask them to do by turning in a Word document. These I can correct fairly quickly as there are usually very few errors so using 'tracking' is very efficient.

The other homework they do is standard exercises from the workbook that accompanies the course book. For the first time I have managed to set up a way of monitoring how much and how well the students are doing this and this is really thanks to Edmodo.

To cut a long story short, I'm having fun using it but it helps that I'm semi-retired so I have plenty of time to experiment with new things. I must get round to polling my students before the end of the first term on what they think of Edmodo and in enough detail to be able to adapt what I do to how useful they find it.

Chris Fry
9:44am 19 December 2009

I've copied this and other things I've written about using Edmodo with adult EFL students to Edmodo 

You can join Experimental Pre-Intermediate (The code to access the group is: inb846) or Experimental Intermediate (The code to access the group is: rdd410) 

You can see there some ideas about using Edmodo and particularly RSS feeds into and out of Edmodo and in each group you can see mixed in the RSS feeds from each of me groups for students at pre-intermediate and intermediate levels.

Here is a simulation of what such feeds would look like in Wordpress

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