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Combining collaborative and individual work

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17 June 2008

When studying current professional issues, students may need both to learn from each other and to relate their collective work to their own individual circumstances.

Collaborative work in areas of professional practice offers opportunities for students to share and to learn from each other’s experience. However, collective products introduce problems for assessment, and do not in themselves require students to apply their collaborative work to their own circumstances.

This course, on current issues in public management and social enterprise, combines and balances students collaborative and individual work.

In learning sets of 4-7, students work use a Wiki to produce a joint report, suitable for the senior staff of their organisations, on a current management issue, selected from a list of five. They then write an individual analysis and critique of the joint report from the perspective of its fitness and readiness for their own organisation.

In the assessment of this activity, the joint report counts for 40% of the total marks (normally all students in a set receive the same mark, with some scope for adjustment if the contributions have been significantly unequal), with the remainder being for the individual work. [Geoff Peters]

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