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Interview questions: Reflections on cloudworks

Cloudworks the movie!

Cloud created by:

Gráinne Conole
6 October 2009

We are seeking to gather a series of video/audio clips with people reflecting on cloudworks. If you have a spare moment create a cloud in this space! Some suggested questions:

  • State your name and institution
  • What are your impressions of Cloudworks to date?
  • Describe how you first encountered Cloudworks
  • Describe how you use Cloudworks
  • What do you like about Cloudworks?
  • Why are you interested in using Cloudworks in the future?
  • How could Cloudworks integrate into the other tools you use?
  • How do you envisage using the site in the future?
  • What 3 key words would you use to describe Cloudworks?

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