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Concept mapping tools for designing learning

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Rebecca Galley
7 October 2009

Below is a list of mind and concept mapping tools that can be used for visualising learning designs.

  • Has anyone got any other suggestions and at what level of design you have used the tool?
  • What are the pros and cons of each?

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What 5 things do you want in a learning design mapping tool?

  1. Intuative
  2. Visually attractive
  3. Different icon sets for different levels (or create your own easily)
  4. Multi-level (ie able to drill down through the levels)
  5. Allows embedded content

Rebecca Galley
08:38 on 8 October 2009

Embedded Content


Gráinne Conole
7:53am 8 October 2009

Also would be interesting to see examples of designs that people have produced using these tools. One of the things I think will be important in the future is having embedded intelligence in tools like this, that help to guide you through the design process. Such guidance is available in more linear text-based tools like DialogPlus and Phoebe and we have it to some extent in CompendiumLD.

Rebecca Galley
8:31am 8 October 2009

I wonder if we all have the same 'wish list' when it comes to concept mapping tools for learning? I feel much more drawn to the visual rather than text based tools - I like CompendiumLD at Activity level because I can quickly and easily set up links between learning outcomes, activities and assessment but it offers too much detail for a module/ curriculum level design and I prefer CMap at that level because I can use blocks to represent learning events.  I agree that embedded videos, documents etc really add to the designs in terms of usability and I have been wondering whether something like Prezi could be used - although I wish it wasn't quite so 'wizzy'!

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