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Interview: Rebecca Galley

Cloudworks the movie!

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Rebecca Galley
8 October 2009

Juliette Culver interviews Rebecca Galley about Cloudworks

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Interview with Rebecca Galley

Interview with Rebecca Galley

added by Rebecca Galley


Gráinne Conole
11:20am 8 October 2009

Excellent! Glad Juliette managed to corner you Rebecca! :-)

Nandish Patel
6:42pm 9 November 2009

'Evolving', one of the three words you used to describe Cloudworks Rebecca! Yes, for me all IT systems, and especially educational systems are evolving systems. This is very much so in the context of how individuals learn - learning. Thanks for a very good presentation and introduction to Cloudworks today, I'm sorry I had to leave early. (But you can see I enjoyed it becuase I was planning to come back for another day!).

If you have inerest and time Rebecca, I have some theoretical work - Theory of Deferred Action - which I believe we could use to understand cloudworks. Also, since you will be evaluating it, the theory may have implications on how you evaluate the system (which for me composes IT, people, and organisation).

Anyways, thanks again

Keep Smiling, Nandish


Rebecca Galley
6:58pm 9 November 2009

Hi Nandish, yes I really enjoyed the workshop - some very interesting designs and ideas have been mapped out and I look forward to following their development. I would love to talk more about theories that might help us to evaluate Cloudworks. Do you have any links you could add to this Cloud? You might also be interested in an Elluminate session that Grainne did (facilitated by JISC) which is recorded (see link I've added to this Cloud). She explains how and why we have developed Cloudworks in the way we have and takes a tour around the site.

Keep smiling yourself! Rebecca

Rebecca Galley
7:33pm 9 November 2009

I am generally interested in how organisation theory and research can be reapplied to web 2.0 communities (and if it can). Lynda Gratton's (London Business School) Hot Spots research is interesting in terms of identifying factors which promote innovative and creative working in organisations (see link to chapter 1).

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