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Activity: 10 mins A simple Cloudquest challenge

Exploring cloudworks for good ideas

Cloud created by:

Gráinne Conole
9 October 2009

This activity is a variant on the idea of a webquest, it provides a fun ways of exploring the cloudworks site and sharing findings. The aim is to explore the site, choose a cloud or cloudscape you find interesting and then collectively vote on the best example found.

  • If you haven't already done so, create a Cloudworks account (you can view anything on the site, but to post comments or add anything you need an account)
  • Spend a max of ten minutes exploring cloudworks (suggested stategies - browse clouds and cloudscapes, enter keywords in search, explore by tags, look at individual people's profiles
  • You may wish to open your search in a new tab or page in your browser so that you can easily navigate back to this cloud
  • Find one interesting cloud
  • Post a comment here with the name of the cloud with a hyperlink to it and include your reasons for why you like it
  • Review other entries
  • Vote for favourite entry using the survey
  • A summary of the survey will be posted here in due course

Extra content

i found this article very interesting as i am studying pshycology. it has gave me a slight insight into the biology of it x

hazel dryden
14:10 on 12 October 2016

This article is very interesting to me as a big supporter of social psychology and theories of learning.  The concept that the nature of education is changing fits very well with the Web 2.0 narrative for me.  The new generation of learners are not just sat watching the TV or teacher like I was as a youngster - they expect to engage and control part of the conversation - education has to catch up!

Michael Wood
08:51 on 29 March 2017

I have worked as an assessor/tutor for an FE college and found that it was difficult to think of activities that could be embedded in the normal class sessions. It is obviously easier with academic subjects than some vocational subjects such as plumbers, carpenters, hairdressers etc. I have taught adult learners ( mainly over 55years) Basic IT courses and many do not have the necessary literacy and numeracy skills expected, neither are they interested in gaining the qualification at their time in life. Another issue I encountered was that Assessors were also expected to deliver maths and English training as part of their job role and this is not something I was overly comfortable with!  A database of resources tailored to specific subject areas would be a wonderful contribution for new and existing teachers. 

Colleen Godinho
13:13 on 30 March 2017 (Edited 13:15 on 30 March 2017)

This cloud is particularly intesesting as it links well to my current OU module. It also has some interesting points to think about that I am too continually evaluating my practices with, such as evaluation of learning and how technology can play a role; and the relationship to higher order skills and learning.

Amy O'Donnell
06:51 on 2 April 2017


I enjoyed  Sarah Adrienne Hughes presenetation " The Digital Nurse" as it made me reflect how as a RN too we should use technology as a way for CPD and to improver our skills as we work in a rapidly changing environment 

Amanda Wilford
13:09 on 27 March 2018

Talk: Conole - digital literacies: I particularly liked this cloud as I have an interest in the social and ethical aspects of online pratice.

Beringen, M.L.
23:18 on 31 March 2018

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Cloudquest represented in CompendiumLD

Cloudquest represented in CompendiumLD

added by Gráinne Conole

A Cabinet of Curiosity

A Cabinet of Curiosity

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Donna DesBiens
12:33am 1 January 1970

I found 2 clouds particularly interesting - the one on "Learn About Learning Design" and the other is on Design Tips for different elements of course design.  The first one interested me both intrinsically and because at SAIT Polytech, our design team is currently in the 2nd year of an initiative to provide hands-on aculty development in the basic principles of design in order to facilitate  rapid, 'mass' campus-wide curriculum re-design & dev. The Design Tips drew my interest because each of a 7 person instructional design team is assigned 40+ projects to complete this year.  All tips & resources are most welcome to support holding the line on quality, despite the high production volume required in a short period of time. Donna

Grant Gregson
12:33am 1 January 1970

This comment reflects more of the user-interface perspective while searching for interesting clouds - while there are a number of great titles for clouds that were setup - quite often they were merely placeholders for an idea, without a paragraph to really explain or get a discussion started. 

Amrit Mundy
12:33am 1 January 1970

I started looking at clouds discussing Twitter - the few that I looked at in 10 minutes didn't have a lot of information on them, but I explored Twit Resources for a bit.

I got as far a the first link, where the author provided some clear guidelines about when he thought Twitter was appropriate to use in a teaching and learning situation. While I don't know if this was the most interesting cloud, I liked the opportunity to read a bit more about the use of Twitter in teaching and learning, as I'm wondering whether it's a tool I can make use of the in the future.

Jacqueline Bradshaw
12:33am 1 January 1970

Verena Roberts
12:33am 1 January 1970

I focused on "primary: DL ideas. Of course...I forgot "primary" isn't a specific enough search and I ended up finiding an excellent lesson idea from a University Course in Geography instead. I decided to "trust the process" and read the cloud and I was fascinated with thir lesson on learning about another culture virtually. This idea could be easily used in a primary student classroom.

Link to cloud:

I have to figure out how to put this into the original page......

WOW the power of cloudworks...

Verena :)

christa appleton
12:33am 1 January 1970

Ive seen Cloudworks on the net but only visted it fleetingly before, this morning I signed up for it and have spent a little time looking at clouds by tag or name. As part of this quest activity I setled on the OLDS MOOC for 3 reasons:

  1. MOOCs are extremely topical and its interesting to see how this one has been supported as well as the response, which brings me to the next point...
  2. There is a lot of interesting content attached to this tag in Cloudworks from a number of individuals, so rich content to dip into which also highlights how the MOOC is working
  3. This particualr project is JISC funded, active now (Jan 2013 until March 2013) and therfore of particular interest to me professionally (Im a JIsc RSC eLearning Advisor)

The page I have linked to is the introductory page which explains the project and how the MOOC will start but there are many more related resources building up each week, several can be accessed from this start up page. 


Jane Wagstaff
12:33am 1 January 1970

I like this cloud regarding gamificaton because I am very interested in how simulations of real life situations can be used in my area of resource development (for example, to enhance the learners' ability to chair a meeting effectively)

Amanda Everitt
12:33am 1 January 1970

I liked this cloud on focusing on quality assurance for online courses as it raises an important point.
See here:

While designing online courses, some like to focus on the importance of accessibility and this might deter others as accessibility is seen as a by product while quality assurance could be a better term - to raise the standard of the course itself which includes accessibility. 

Steven Hutchinson
11:11am 10 October 2009

I think the cloud where participants talk about using twitter with students is really interesting - both because of the strategies that are discussed and because of the way that this cloud has seeded and enabled interesting discussion. I think the cloudscape that this belongs to, is also a fascinating way of approaching broad ranging evaluation. S

Gráinne Conole
11:16am 10 October 2009

Thanks Steve! I agree - that's one of my current favourites. From an evaluation of patterns of behaviour in social networking spaces these flash debates are also interesting because cloudworks appears to be working well alongside other tools like Twitter and personal blogs. It provides a conduit from short, snippets of conversation in Twitter, enabling the debate to develop and become enriched through additional links and academic references. In the sister cloud "Is twitter killing blogging?" we saw interesting patterns in terms of users going off and writing personal blog posts stimulated by the debate occurring in cloudworks. For me all of this is very exciting as it suggests cloudworks is occupying a new niche in the ecosystem of web 2.0 tools, providing something distinct and complementary.

Sylvia Currie
2:08pm 15 October 2009

The VLE is Dead is my choice for an interesting cloud. I attended the ALT-C conference in Manchester in September and wasn't able to attend this session. It's quite amazing just how much you can get out of a session you DIDN'T attend just by bouncing around this cloud. I like this cloud for several reasons:

  1. Nice example of how f2f events can be enhanced and more inclusive.
  2. The focus isn't entirely on the presenters, and artefacts are richer than the typical ppt slides
  3. It's an interesting example of how we can benefit from the contributions of session participants as well as those attending from afar. 
  4. And the VLE topic itself is interesting, of course! I've yet to see a compelling argument for not using a VLE. Everyone seems to make the mistake of suggesting we can't use tools in new and different ways.

Gina Bennett
7:28pm 15 October 2009

I enjoyed reading the Communities of Practice cloud. Among other things, I studied communities of practice & border pedagogy for my Masters degree but these 2 concepts have had the strongest impact on my work ever since. I appreciated reading Grainne's notes from the latest CoP conference.

Rob Peregoodoff
11:13pm 15 October 2009

Always love homework prior to a workshop !!

Complete and utter self-promotion here but hey, link-love starts at home :)  Arriving here at cloudworks inspired me to start my own cloud so here is the link.  The reason I chose it should be self-explanatory.

Sarah Wareing
4:10pm 16 October 2009

So many choices! I'm going to go with the cloud on using wikis for collaborative writing assignments? Why? Because I'm about to start designing a first year academic writing course and I'm looking for good ways to facilitate collaborative work.

Cindy Underhill
4:27pm 16 October 2009

I chose the cloud on Learning Design for OERs because I believe that learning design is often overlooked and rarely transparent but can open up possibilities for thinking creatively about implementation across a wide range of content if made visible and tied to general goals or principles for learning.

Just wish there had been more discussion on the cloud.

Anthony Flavell
8:30pm 16 October 2009

Self and peer assessment in a team

Creating an interdisciplinary collaborative teamwork environment online is essential for the College of Health Disciplines at UBC, mainly due to the insuperable problem of coordinating face-to-face scheduling across fifteen different Health and Human Service programs. Therefore any online tools that are available, which enable students to practise teamwork, or assess that practice, are very interesting for us to explore. Rationalised self-assessment and peer-assessment methods are particularly powerful, as the students are the ones most “present” in the collaborative process.

Meg Goodine
10:44pm 16 October 2009

Using Twitter with Students

Some interesting perspectives on using Twitter. And learned a new word "tweflections".

Gráinne Conole
7:24am 19 October 2009

Wow - you guys are good! Gold stars all round for doing the homework in advance! Very interested by the range of clouds you have chosen - all sound great!

Gráinne Conole
8:03am 19 October 2009

I've created an area in the OpenLearn's labspace which we can use if we want for sharing CompendiumLD maps and have added a link here. It not essential to use this area alternatively you can share maps by emailing the zip files or just putting them on a usb stick. If you want to use this area you will need to create an account for openlearn.

Afsaneh Sharif
5:41pm 19 October 2009

A mock professional journal

An interesting course! I like the way students are involved in bringing new resources to the course. Want to know/see more.

Esther Hsu
9:48pm 19 October 2009

My favourite is the Collaborative Learning Cloudspace because there are lots of interesting discussions going, various links and resources regarding Collaborative Learning. I found the discussion on this cloud, "Is learning just intrinsically hard and therefore you can't make it easy?" very stimulating and quite challening.

Paul Stacey
3:13am 20 October 2009

I started out looking for clouds that generated a lot of comments. The potential with a cloud of this type is that the conversation is richer if there are a lot of comments compared to if there are only a few. I also started at Z in the alphabet, partly because I like the way its pronounced in Canadian and well, sometimes I start reading magazines from the back too.

The Using twitter with students cloud had 39 comments so I checked it out first. Some intriguing ideas being expressed and nice dialouge happening - great to see Grainne responding to posts but would have liked to see more interchange among the postees (is that a word?)

The Trends in OER cloud is actually a topic I have considerable interest and experience in and it had 23 comments so looked at it too. A very different kind of cloud as virtually all comments were posted by the same person. Sense this cloud was developed by someone posting real time summaries of a f2f presentation/Q&A session at a conference. I liken this to sports announcers and colour commentary.

mike minions
5:55am 20 October 2009

The cloud on Transforming a Music Course 'struck a chord' with me. I have watched kids get turned off by a high school music program that has no relation to the music they listen to and care about. 'Band' as it is taught in middle and high school seems to be a relic from the late 1940s with clarinets, saxophones and trombones. I followed the link to a carnegie foundation website that started with a quote: "The music I was trained to teach was not the music my students wanted to learn". That's a question worth asking yourself each time you sit down to build a course. Is what I'm preparing to teach what students want to learn?

Gráinne Conole
8:01am 20 October 2009 (Edited 8:02am 20 October 2009)

I'm really enjoying reading these posts - amazing the variety in terms of what everyone likes and why and aslo the strategies you are using to search. Like the idea of starting with Z! Looking for what is already 'popular' - such as clouds with lots of comments is a common and natural strategy and is part of the reason for us having 'active clouds' on the home page. We have also tried to ensure that there are lots of different ways of finding things - listing clouds or cloudscapes, searching using the search box, browsing the latest activity via the activity streams or following what the system is flagging up - features cloudscapes or active clouds. We want users to find their own preferred way of navigating around AND to encourage accidental discovering.

Jacqueline Bradshaw
5:26pm 20 October 2009 (Edited 5:44pm 20 October 2009)

I'm interested in two clouds...

Web 2.0 tools for teachers - because I am always interested in how people are incorporating social media applications into their teaching & learning

and Mobile Learning Practices .  Right now we are looking at Mobile Learning separately from "normal" learning.  I am wondering how long before the "m" environment is the "norm".


John Morrison
9:23pm 20 October 2009

I found the pedagogical patterns cloud most useful ( If anyone has the 7 patterns in the appendix as CompendiumLD files, that would be very useful.

Elizabeth Kate Switaj
12:15am 12 January 2013

I really like the cloud entitled IleneDawn: My Dream Learning Design Project Proposal - Create Proposal/Outline for Online Multicultural Learning and Teaching Course not only because of the content but also because it uses a variety of formats to make content clear and include inline links.


Gráinne Conole
2:51pm 12 January 2013

Thanks yep that is a good cloud!

Jeff Waistell
8:03pm 22 January 2013

Some interesting clouds explored already! I also like this one - - as it explores the exciting use of mobile technologies for learning on creativity - a key aspect of a module I lead at Oxford Brookes University. Best regards, Jeff

Gráinne Conole
6:03pm 23 January 2013

:-) Yep there is some good stuff on Cloudworks - nice way of sharing good teaching and learning ideas!

Mandy-Jayne Lace
10:49pm 15 March 2013 (Edited 10:23am 29 March 2013)

How to get students to find and read 94 articles before the next class

Digital Ethnography - Wesch

This footage and the YouTube footage was a fabulous insight into how the Internet and the mediated environments in which we work, play and communicate.  It's medium serves as a reflection of what we are, and therefore a counter-reflection of what we wish for.  The more we seek individuality, the more we are interested in the authenticity of another’s interaction with us.  We demand freedom, of almost everything (speech, gender bias, etc, etc) yet we crave community; belonging. 

 This brilliantly edited piece by Wesch looks into people's soul bearing, 'YouTube' videos, all proudly exposed within in a mediated space.  As a result of this raw honesty from many within the video footage, we appear almost voyeuristic in our observation of others,  as we  cannot ordinarily achieve this in real life. However here, quite openly, groups of Wesch’s students do, as he, alongside his students undertakes the blogging/vblogging and discovers the experience of it and how content is lost as fear of the unknown creeps in. (so people initially are lost for words)

It explores watching YouTube footage, (and I guess then the likes of whose been framed and similar programs) how, as consumers others are observed,  really watched.  One researcher finds that it  can lead to an interesting, unexpected emotional reaction and intimacy that was "quite overwhelming and unexpected".  This level  of intimate exchange, seems to be diminishing in face-to-face exchanges, if indeed it even existed before video footage – I suggest it was not. 

This video explores what the internet is to us, or whether it is content created by us and therefore  is ‘us’.  It suggests that the camera could be seen as the 'window into the soul' exploring our global native network members (rest of blogging world). 

It discusses that our participation in online communication via vblogging, is undertaken with the knowledge that out there somewhere, someone is or will one day observe our blogging .  If we wish to experience alongside our students and 'feel' their anxieties, we ought to  participate in blogging, vblogging, MOOC's online learning ect (if we are to understand the impact properly of revealing these intimate side of ourselves to the WWW.)  I hear Open Learning is good looking daft, too.  It certainly is for me, without any support, limitations on my physical keyboarding due to disabilities and the need to type because my speech to text software would wake the household up! (I've managed to come back and edit this later – so initially to find time to take the badge, I’ve had to exposed poor typing, showing to all my difficulty doing it without assistance from software that has it’s disadvantages as well as it’s advantages….(I wonder if anyone thought it was disability related, or just I was poor at typing, not sure which I’d prefer you to think!?)

So was it worth your time?

Enlightening, entertaining and his footage of YouTube evidenced the appropriate nature of this next immersive enquiry.  We cannot possibly understand how it is to be in open learning/online/in a MOOC, unless we experience it!  Vblogging (Video blogging) -  I'm not quite ready for yet!

Take a look at this link and more from this extremely insightful fellow!  Brilliant chap!  I'd love to join a MOOC designed and guest lectured by him!

Nicky Mee
7:53am 18 March 2013‘kinect’-data-make-faster-diagnoses

This is interesting ie used X-box kinnect to help medical diagnoses

Sally Booker
12:05pm 20 March 2013

I thought the cloud "from lurking to learning" interesting - good catchy title, and it made me look further!

Jane Wagstaff
3:09pm 21 March 2013

I like the cloud below on gamification, as I am very interested in how using simulations of real life situations can enhance a learner's ability to resolves issues (for example, chairing a simulated meeting)

Alice La Rooy
2:40pm 24 March 2013

I like the flash cloud debate between 2011 H800 students on whether MOOCs mean the death of universities. I like it because I am also on H800 in 2013 and the debate on MOOCs is still continuing.

Graeme Arnott
12:03am 25 March 2013 (Edited 12:32pm 25 March 2013)

I liked the Facebook Groups cloud because it's pretty much where I am with using this platform. I thought it would be worthwhile posting a comment to this cloud and hopefully sharing our experiences

Mark Bevis
2:27am 29 March 2013

I couldn't possibly state a favourite at this stage, for two reasons:

  • I'm new to Cloudworks and haven't quite got my feet under the table yet.
  • I've seen such variance in presentation of ideas.

Thus, to now, I can say I've found lots to interest me and lots more to keep my interest, amongst which were those that balanced multiple media pathways that soothed the journey through the maze of text-based sharing. I got quite carried away with an embedded link to YouTube and PechaKucha.

I would have to say though, that so far, the page that has intrigued me the most was found in part of the H800 quest, while visiting the 'Search by Institution' area - just realizing how wide spread CloudWorks really is; spanning the Globe and even finding colleagues I know from here, in Colombia.

Just loving getting to know CloudWorks.

Thank you.

Emma Blake
3:17pm 29 March 2013

I found cloud that related to me as it discussed the terminology in Cloudworks ( , I don't feel that I have scratched the surface of this tool yet and so can't choose a favourite.


Hannah Hawkins
9:15am 3 April 2013

I found this cloud interesting as it is very relevant to my role as an e-learning developer. I often use scenarios in the courses I produce.

Samuel O Nord
12:01am 4 April 2013 (Edited 3:20pm 24 April 2013)

I found this cloud about a poster tool that I was not aware of. I like new things I can incorporate into my work. I am interested in the evolution of how we represent our knowledge.



Paul Preen
12:33pm 3 May 2013

Currently, I am looking at ways to motivate my students so I choose the post Motivation: Its place in Learning Design . I enjoyed watching the video and I will spend a bit of time reading Art Aglesby link to Stephen Downes blog post -Engagement and Motivation in MOOCs.

pierre parrend
4:23pm 7 June 2013

I especially like 'the power of visualization' workshop:

You should have a look at it !

Sonia F
7:38am 16 July 2013

I like the one on lurking and learning, called from lurking to learning, as it brings an interesting question, or the most important question back... what is learning? 

When looking at it from the perspective of the learning lurker, learning is definitely a personal experience... which makes me wonder then how can an external factor can decide if you have learnt or not...

I wonder if the open badges may partially answer this question...

Veronica Beaty
5:56pm 25 September 2013

I liked the Exploring Online Discussion cloud, because the research mirrored my own experience with regard to teh pitfalls in online disucssion forums and the presentation offered solid "further reading" type resources. Just browsing through the cloud taught me a bit about how I can improve my facilitation style.

Ryan M Guy
8:04am 16 November 2013

I recently spent a little time on the "Academic Writing for the New 3rd Level Student" cloud.  (  I chose this cloud because I am fascinated by theory and perspectives on what qualifies as academic writing.  I will have to check back and see if anyone bit on my comment.

Ryan M Guy
8:12am 16 November 2013

I also found the How to add captions to a (YouTube) Video helpful as this is a process I have stuggled with in the past.

Chris Gorman
2:20pm 20 December 2013

I found to be a great source of information to simplify creating a module.  The tips on organizing content and finding patterns are smart and user friendly.  There are many great comments that add value to the cloud.

Mark Cunnington
8:08am 23 March 2014

An interesting cloud on how theatre can be used to engage people (staff, learners?). While this particular cloud decribed a 'real world' scenario working with FE College staff members in trying to address a new performance review process, I am interested to explore how theatre & performance can be translated into an online learning environment. Are there approaches, structures, forms that can translate from the engaging world of theatre and performance into a digital environment?

Hugo Teixeira
8:03am 24 March 2014

"Improving the assessment options for a photography assignment" ( Long ago I was a student in a BFA program. At the time, digital photography was an optional elective, and using education technology in the fine arts department was unheard of. We spent our days (and nights) huffing photo chemicals and perfecting our prints. Since then I have become an EFL instructor, but I do still wonder about photography education. I was curious to see how photography educators are using technology and was pleased to find this detailed account of an assessment strategy for a photography course. I'm curious to investigate this topic further.

Catherine Dartnall
10:35am 24 March 2014 (Edited 10:50am 24 March 2014)

I have an interest in Digital Storytelling from participating in H817 last year and here I found a link to DS106 Radio.  DS106 radio forms an integral part of the DS106 open digital storytelling online course where participants contribute and participate to create their own radio shows.  

Mikhail Gershovich & Jim Groom describe digital storytelling as telling a story "in a compelling and emotionally engaging form".   The way that DS106 is structured does indeed make the learning experience compelling.  The community is solid with a strong online presence and support is plentiful.  In order to participate in the community, individuals need to create and discuss.  This drives the motivation for learning the underlying Digital Storytelling tools as these are our communication methods.  

I have a background in software training within a corporate environment and experience in blended learning methods - I am very interested in how the passion and drive generated within DS106 can be used as a model to help individuals achieve flow in learning and develop communities of practice.  The type of learning that we would do because we love it - not because we have to.

As a result of my Cloudquest today I think that today might just be the day I join DS106 as I have just spotted that a 7 week open online course entitled 'DS106 goes to work" has just started  and this has quite made my Monday morning :)

I was surprised that I didn't initially find more Digital Storytelling clouds on Cloudworks but maybe this can now be part of my personal mission whilst exploring H800 and the MAODE.

Lisa Brennan
10:45am 27 March 2014

I also liked the lurking to learning link - as it relates to my own experiences on forums, and to the H800 course I'm currently undertaking.

I think this is potentially a great resource, but I'm finding the site quite difficult to navigate.  It's hard to generate accurate searches, and the majority of clouds that do turn up seem to be empty - just a placeholder.  It would be better if search results could be ranked by cloud content, so that clouds with actual content and comments came up first - otherwise an awful lot of time is spent clicking through to empty clouds.

(Which sounds rather metaphysical!)

Mabel Cambeiro
4:42pm 5 April 2014 (Edited 4:43pm 5 April 2014)

I totally agree, from lurking to learning is a cloud that I found really interesting as it reminds me of the forums and debates in H800 in which we contribute and learn about the opinion and reflection of others and our own.


Carol Maxwell
4:15pm 17 April 2014

Hi I was pleased to discover the e-Portfolio community of Practice cloud.  It provides some insight into early research intoe-portfolios and good pointers to other resources.


Sandra Barthorpe
12:12am 6 May 2014 (Edited 12:25am 6 May 2014)

I enjoyed reading LisaB's Design Narrative: Weekend Teachers Training Course 

I am currently studying H800 Technology-enhanced learning: practices and debates, and Lisa Brennan is a fellow student. 

I am finding that the lack of a  datestamp on the cloudscapes on the index page is annoying as I have gone to ones that are 5 years old and have no current discussions.

I would vote for 'the VLE id dead' cloud.





Steven Douglas Bamlett
1:46pm 25 March 2015


I really loved the New Hive inroductory video for their new presentation tool. Find it on

New Hive.

I am at same point probably as Sandra was above in H800. I didn't mind that the one I found hadn't much if any discussion. In fact, at least it allowed me to try my voice out in what appeared (then at least) an 'empty room'. I see above Samuel O'Nord found it 2 yeards ago but I didn't know then it was for the Cloudquest Challenge. I still want to stick with it, because of the encouragement in the trial video to experiment across media, better I thought than the Wesch example in H800.

I think I'll vote for  Catherine Dartnell's recommendation on Digital Stoty Telling:

That's because I think that new ways of telling a story is the best way to begin to know why you might want to integrate different media (or send them in collision course against each other). And, what a way to teach Bruner on 'narrative' epistemology in Psychology classes.

All the best


Emma Lohmeier
6:37pm 25 March 2015


I'd been having a debate on learning styles in our H800 forum so found the cloud on learning styles useful, specifically the further links.

I'll be interested to see how this develops when we are also using the OUForum



Steven Douglas Bamlett
9:00am 27 March 2015


I've only just got the hang of this, so had to restart. Here is the cloud I made:

Now back to the last required activity.


Steven Douglas Bamlett
9:01am 27 March 2015

My vote still goes for Catherine Dartnell's recommendation on Digital Stoty Telling:

That's because I think that new ways of telling a story is the best way to begin to know why you might want to integrate different media (or send them in collision course against each other). And, what a way to teach Bruner on 'narrative' epistemology in Psychology classes.

All the best


Mandy Honeyman
1:18pm 28 March 2015 I attended this workshop so it was interesting to see that the organisers had chosen Cloudworks for archiving the presentations and resources from it.

Kate Lister
12:01pm 29 March 2015 - I liked this cloud because we are looking at Learning Design in H800 at the moment, and this cloud has a link to a nice infographic, "Visualising the process and products of learning design". Here's the link to the infographic.


David Appel
8:55pm 29 March 2015

I fond What works best for distance education: synchronous or asynchronous communication? interesting because it offers a nice exmaple of how cloudworks can facilitate sharing of ideas related to learning and teaching. The ddiscussion discussion on pros and cons of synchronous and asynchronous communication in distance learning is summarised as the main content of this cloud.

Tom Cheek
11:35am 30 March 2015

A Case Study of OER in LMS.  This cloud offers a link to an overview and a 27 min video on the presentation with some good Q&A within.  The content of discussion is what I find interesting here as I am keen to utlise OER's within the college VLE/LMS and much of what is discussed looks at the opportunities and challenges of using this seamlessly to contribute positively to the learning experience.

Michael Muranty
10:34pm 30 March 2015

I quite like the conciseness of this post about explaining to students how to calculate the area of a rhombus. In particular I liked how powerpoint was used to animate the process involved. Students who learn visually (most of them in my experience) would benefit from this approach.


Caroline Roberts
11:05pm 15 April 2015

Second Life in Education

Lots of clouds and links to follow up on use of virtual worlds in education

Arike Van De Water
7:49pm 7 May 2015

I liked "Wayne's Design Narrative: The Best Laid Plans" for a variety of reasons, part of it's that it's an example of what I'm working on in H800, right now, another that it resonated a lot with me, making lesson plans and trying to get the best out of your class, that it involves improvisation and feedback too. And the title was good and the story well-written and thorough.

W Taleo
10:37am 29 March 2016 (Edited 10:38am 29 March 2016)

I found Ruth Findlater's design narrative: teaching navigation cloudscape . As I have been studying with Ruth in H800 16B I was interested to see how she presented the material here in A Cloud. I've spent about 15 mins more checking out the 'newly added' list as it was hard to find the most recent entries just from the alphabetical list.

Hara Kyriakidou
6:07pm 2 April 2016

I found Oli Haslam's cloud "A Collaborative 'Gamified Simulation' Environment in Wordpress - project overview"(, particularly interesting. It is an innovative practice for me which combines collaboration, motivation for learner engagement by using games. I would like to learn more about the kind of simulations which will be created.

Munir Moosa Sewani
8:16am 25 March 2017


Alice's learning journal by Alice. I like it because it is somewhat linked to my  journal writing practices in Pakistan


Jennifer Noyes
9:48pm 26 March 2017

I liked

This was set up by a tutor group member and will allow the whole group to learn how to interact on cloudworks.

Stephanie Gordon
7:12am 27 March 2017

I found this Cloud ''  very interesting. It gives an example of using mobile phones for augmenting contexts. 

It was posted in 2009 so a little old now but the link to 'SlideShare' has more recent articles and slides.



Eleanor Dommett
6:45pm 27 March 2017

I found this one really interesting on essay structure:

This is partly because I know Nicola and teach the same module as she does but also because I think it was interesting that the students did have good reasons why an intro and conclusion was needed in an essay but still many do not include them. I think we forget sometimes that helping a student recognise that something is needed does not always make it clear how to do something.

Ross Harley
8:50pm 27 March 2017

I found this one interesting:

It's about how useful OER's can be in learning a new musical instrument - I used to be a music teacher so it's a fascinating idea to me.

Jonathan Darch
7:09pm 29 March 2017

Jim Ellis' e-Learning Digest at continues to be a hugely useful collection of e-learning news. Essential reading for H800!

Brendan Kilshaw
10:14pm 3 April 2017 (Edited 10:16pm 3 April 2017)

Supportive Automated Feedback for Short Essay Answers (SAFeSEA)

This cloud was the most interesting one I came across during my first (short) browse of the site:

It was on the 'popular' list of clouds on the home page and it's a really interesting topic for me as I use the Moodle short answer question type in some quizzes but unfortunately the link in the cloud is broken.

Selina Griffin
5:27pm 4 April 2018

I enjoyed this cloud 

As it is full of the 2018 H800 students! :)


3:57am 19 May 2018

I really like this cloud - I'm thinking of ways I can incorporate it and other clouds in my classes, and have students earn badges in the process!

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